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The status of the mod is not clear at all.


Also, do recheck the fixpack, that's a horrible recommendation!


Soul Exchange is in progress. The progress post states what has been accomplished, not what has yet to be completed. I fail to see how that is unclear.

I will run a new test on BG2 Fixpack. If it performs sufficiently, I will use it as base grid for the mod. Previous versions crashed the software, where more archaïc means did not.




I don't think this mod will never see the light of the day. Sorry. For now it's only pointless meddling. 11 years in the making is really a lot. Even one hour everyday you could build a new working career



The correct phrase is "I do not think this mod will ever see the light of day".

It is a large scope project, one that I am developing by myself for the most part, when I have the time and desire to do so.

It is a casual hobby, as I am sure it is for many. The comparison to a working career is irrelevant. I do not receive payment for the time spent on this mod, in my free time.

How I choose to spend my free hours is my choice. I am not obligated to work on mods, nor do I owe the community anything.


To address your concerns, yes, completion will take time. If you prefer production to increase, offer assistance. Your negativity serves no purpose.

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