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So I have a folder of MOS V2 + PVRZ files I want to install to the override folder of an EE game. It looks like I need to use the WeiDU functions INSTALL_PVRZ, UPDATE_PVRZ_INDICES, and FIND_FREE_PVRZ_INDEX to make sure I don't overwrite anything already in the game, but I don't quite understand how they are supposed to be used. Could anyone please either post an example or point me to one?




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You can take a look at this tool from Argent77



Otherwise, if you already have the final files, just copy them over. Yes, you need to take care of the naming convention - I know how to avoid conflicts with area Tis+PVRZ and I assume it is similar with other Mos files.

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MOS+PVRZ (and BAM+PVRZ) are more difficult to install than TIS+PVRZ, since they all share the fixed MOSxxxx.PVRZ naming scheme.

The general procedure is:
1. COPY .mos or .bam file to override folder and execute patch function UPDATE_PVRZ_INDICES to update pvrz references to free slots.
2. Execute action function INSTALL_PVRZ to install .pvrz files associated with the mos/bam to slots used by step 1.

Examples: #1, #2 and #3

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Thank you for the examples. It seems I am still doing something wrong, tho:


Edit: Code redacted




Game = BGEE

Copying and patching 1 file ...

INSTALL_PVRZ for "BGEEClassicMovies/chapdrm/BGEE/MOSV2/MOS0000.PVRZ"

Source filename does not match MOSxxxx.PVRZ. Skipping file.



Edit: I figured it out.

Edited by Sam.
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