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compatibility with SCS


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I was wondering if item randomiser take into account the fact that SCS can also move some items. (shield of balduran, vhailhor helm, cloak of mirroring, robe of Vecna).


Should I install item randomiser before or after SCS ?



Also, if I made a custom mod that move an item, ( let's say Mail of the dead), will item radomiser take this into account and maybe not randomize this item. (considering I install item randomizer after my mod)



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We really could use a topic or readme section specifically for SCS compatibility as it's such a popular mod

I _believe_ you need to install item randomiser before SCS using mode 2, otherwise npcs will get weapons they're not proficient in, so this is how I install: randomiser first then SCS

can anyone confirm/tell of a better way? 

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SCS addresses this, and says in the docs:


I think Item Randomizer is best installed before SCS, because SCS assigns weapon proficiencies to creatures according to which weapons they have, and Item Randomizer shuffles those weapons. One SCS component moves some over-powered items later in the game; if Item Randomizer has already moved them, they won't be moved again.

I did this in my last playthrough, and went well... except that I would have preferred to let SCS move the OP items like Robe of Vecna, because those are moved to ToB instead of to a tough tier in SoA.

Thankfully there is a recipe for changing this from Wisp.

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