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Learning Experience: ICT2 vs ICT


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Guest Rastor_as_Guest
*Sighs* The point is that you have to use I_C_T in this cases AND add a line from the initial non-joinable NPC to make it work properly. Maybe everyone knows this. I did not and I figured I would post it for those who are as ignorant as I am and learn things the hard way. In short, the recipy for trouble free interjections using I_C_T is:


State with a single action on exit: use I_C_T2


State with multiple PC replies w/o actions: use I_C_T


State with multiple PC replies and different Actions: use I_C_T and add a line from the non-joinable NPC in the end of the interjection


State that ends in a cutscene: use I_C_T


Do not use I_C_T/I_C_T2 with Lilarcor or other temporarily DLG files (including Player1.DLG - unconfirmed).


Domi, I do not understand what exactly you're trying to say. Are you saying that if each PC reply has a different action from the other PC replies in that state then I_C_T does not work properly? ICT2 does not carry over actions, ever. It never has and never will.


I_C_T will carry over actions, even if each PC reply has a different action. If it does not do this, then it is a bug. If you are trying to add your NPC's interjection to a state that has PC replies, try using ADD_TRANS_TRIGGER and EXTEND_BOTTOM.

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*in exasperation* I am just *documenting* the cases when one can and one cannot use I_C_T/I_C_T2 to make a quick reference for the *future*


The way my files are now it will be quicker to add an extra line to a couple of hundred I_C_T's than check all interjection points - I just did it replacing I_C_T2 with I_C_T where necessary, I do not want to screw around with ATT's and EB's, especially for the cases where multiple NPCs interject.

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In Icewind Dale 2 ICT/ICT2 will only work properly if there is NO PC replies following the line after which you try to interject. Unlike BG1/2, IWD2 does not wait for the NPC's line to appear, instead it gives you the block of answers and the "Continue dialogue" option. You can pick an answer and then the dialogue happily bypasses NPC's remark, or you can click continue - and then the remark shows up followed by the same PC's options. Which pretty much amounts to lost line.

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