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Ranger stronghold quest failure

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There's a small but annoying bug with the ranger stronghold quests. After you save Mairyn, she sets a four-day timer to the next event in the ranger stronghold, the ogron assault. When the timer expires, the main game script spawns Delon to tell you to get to the village. Delon in turn resets the timer for you to get to the village and save it.

Unfortunately, both events use the same timer. So if you happen to be in the village when the OgronAssault timer ends, the game thinks the second timer has expired and you fail the quest before Delon can appear and talk to you. Gating the call in ar1100.bcs to check for Delon first will fix this, specifically:

    NumDeadLT("rogron",6)  // Orc Archer
    RESPONSE #100


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