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Need (modding) help with Creatures in area not attacking


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--Reposted from here in the hopes of getting more feedback.--

Kulyok's Dungeon Crawl uses custom areas where creatures are assigned via the .are file. These creatures had scripts assogned via the .are, too (in addition to their scripts on cre level),

I deleted the assigned scripts to the monsters on area level in the custom areas of the mod as discussed here by using NI. (To enable changes of tactical mods like SCS to actually influence the mod's monsters in fight.)

From what I can see it looks exactly as in original game areas, the cre files are listed in the .are files and on the "area level" there are no scripts assigned ("None"). The monster cres have fighting scripts on their cre level. Spawning the same cres by cheats lets them attack directly.

But the cres assigned to the custom areas just stand there, doing nothing. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? It seems like the "None" scripts assigned on area level seem to block the scripts on cre-level, but if I look at how creatures are assigned to original game areas it looks exactly the same.
Any help appreciated!

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On thing to try--is the field "None" or actually empty? Because if it's the former, the game is assigning (the non-existent) "none.bcs" to the slots and overriding the creature file. You can verify it's actually a blank field by right-clicking in NI and choosing "edit as hex". If it's really empty, the value will be all zeroes.

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