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How do I update old mods?

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The thing with reinstalling and continuing your game is: if we talk about that mod only, it would probably work. But if we talk about a modded game where the mod in question is somewhere in te middle of the install list, then it gets complicated. First, to reinstall the mod in question, weidu (or you) need to deinstall all mods that are installed after the mod in question. This is due to the backup info, because every mod makes a backup of the files it changes and thus, all mods need to be deinstalled in reverse order to set the game back to the state it was before mods were installed. Then you would remove the old mod version, install the new one, and then reinstall all your mods in the order (and with the choices) you had before.

And here it not only comes down to what the new mod version has changed, but also whether there are interactions or compatibility things that might make your continued game choke.

I would advise against updating a mod in that scenario, unless you have serious (game breaking) issues with it.

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