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Glam's NPC Pack v2 released!

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Was it bugging anyone else that Littlun uses a player soundset? It was bugging me. What if someone wanted that voice for their main character?

The problem is solved! Littlun now has a brand new, totally unique soundset, courtesy of professional voice actress Haley Jay. Now she won't be calling anyone "guv" anymore, thank god.

Version 2 also fixes some compatibility issues with Tutu/BGT installs, and a bug that prevented Tenya from becoming neutral again after Charname agrees to help her.


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Well, I must say that I'm really glad that I reinstalled whole thing to give this mod one more chance. Currently in my team I only have Flara from this mod NPC's but her character fascinates me. I will even go so far to say that I regret that there is no romance with her. Yes, I know, romances are not your forte and someone can find this even weird ( human tiefling and red dragoness :p ). I don't know if I will keep her for a long run as there are so many different NPC's in my install and I intend to give everyone of them their chance to shine but if other three are on par with her ( I know Vynd from before ) then this mod is truly worth playing. Even now I must smile when I remember Jaheira's story of mice and men... :D

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