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Contributing to the IESDP

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With my level of knowledge pulling a request for a change without previously having discussed it in the forum might be counterproductive. It's very likely that my requests would be pointless because I would be mistaken about what to change or even about the need to make a change at all.

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There was once discussion of creating a wiki for the IESDP.  So far this hasn't happened, but if it ever did, I believe it would be the ideal place to provide detailed descriptions and lists of caveats (and examples) for many of the aspects of the IE, especially effects/opcodes.

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That started from the lack of maintenance and updates, bus factor of 1 sort of thing.

But we do get a free wiki with github now, so it'd be easier if anyone was so inclined. I'm not convinced it makes sense though, since new pages can be added to IESDP itself. It has a bunch already accessible only indirectly already.

Effect stuff already has designated places, so it doesn't make sense there at all.

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