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[help needed] IWD random encounter areas

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A thing to consider is would those Orcs be able to surround the players characters that well ? Or would they be the worst at sneaking and be scattered around the map like no body's business. In SCS they would still most likely attack the party at the same time.. almost. But with regular AI, the monsters if scattered around like low intelligence monsters would in clusters of 7:


The mordor orcs don't need to sneak. Meaning also that they can't. Aka, none of the enemy is close enough to be seen.

The introduction could be, a plain text saying: You can notice the smell of orc refuse a mile away, and you know that they are much closer, now...

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thanks, that would be a good layout if i wanted small skirmishes with normal-sized groups, but i precisely wanted a larger scale battle that would work without SCS AI :)

imho, orcs, with leadership, and being at their most numerous and strongest in the North, should be able to have good enough strategy to act in a coordinated way

in BG1 random encounters, creatures may spawn literally next to your characters, so the element of scouting ahead, avoiding encounters etc doesn't exist in these games (maybe it should; it's how ranger tracking could work for example)

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