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Grimuar - old Polish mod - updated for the EE’s?

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41 minutes ago, StummvonBordwehr said:

Does anybody know if the old Polish mod “Grimuar” has been updated for the EE’s?


Very much doubtful, I visit this forum often and never heard of this mod. 

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2 hours ago, StummvonBordwehr said:

Thank you Cahir.

I thought about PM’ing, since I know of your great work for the Polish community. But thanks for the quick reply. 


Apart from Lava's work there are very few mods made by Polish modders that are currently compatible with EE's. From the top of my head I can list: Ashar, Korgan's Redemption, Mysteries of the Sword Coast and BGEE NPC Project. The last two were not translated to English (yet). 

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