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Re-Leveling NPCs that get special traits

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Hey, I picked up Haer'Dalis and notice due to the re-leveling, he does not get his extra pip in short swords. It is a special trait he gets according to the wiki. I have not re-leveled many NPCs. I know I can fix this in SK if I choose to, but no idea if he follow normal pip allocation and just added the extra to short swords or if it was just an extra pip.

Regardless of that, it is all I have noticed from my limited experience with recruiting NPCs. I also notice obvious bonuses, like leveling them all again with Max HP turned on, which is a significant boost to HP in some cases. Do other miss out on anything? Will Mazzy get her special abilities like LOH, even if I re-kit her? Do any other NPCs miss out on a special trait, I honestly do not know what they all are. Maybe Dorn... can he still be re-kitted back to blackguard?

Thanks for all of the help you provide David and this fantastic mod.

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Well, Haer'Dalis has an illegal proficiency point in the original game... as a bard, he should only be able to get 1 point in any one of the weapons, but he magically had a 2... not that he gets a lot from that, as he is not a warrior, so the proffs won't give him the extra half attack other could get.

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True Jarno, from the wiki here are the details:



Haer'Dalis's starts with specialization (two points) in short swords, granting +1 to-hit and +2 damage, though he does not receive the extra ½ attack that warriors may gain from this. 

In the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, he gains specialization with long swords, automatically when his own experience exceeds 1,199,999 points, but only if the first point was assigned manually during a level-up, before or after the threshold.


Also, DavidW it is a pretty clean component and functional. I'll keep reporting the issues I find so you can at least add it to the notepad, maybe? I'd rather it be in its current state than removed, personally :)

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