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bg2 xp for bg1 traps + locks

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2 hours ago, Guest guest said:

Where can I find a mod that makes it possible to have bg2 xp values for traps and locks and spells into bg1?

There is no such mod. You can either use the BGT-weidu to play the BG1 portion in the BG2 engine, or the BG1EE to do that... or EasyTutu to do that too... but there's no such a thing for the original engine of BG1. It's cause this feature was added in the BG2:SoA.

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The mod actually installed, the second component that is made for BG2, failed to install, so the descriptions might be wrong, but so what...

Yeah, I mean that as the game doesn't use the files, it's no good to overwrite the file.

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12 minutes ago, Guest mod said:

What Jarno told you is wrong. Just change the 2da files and put them into the override folder. You can find a list of them here:


No, Jarno is right. We're talking about original BG1 here, not BGEE. There are no 2da files controlling trap xp, that functionality isn't in the original BG1 engine.

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