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[Fixed] minor badly wounded banter bug


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I should probably state outright that this happened in a game that was experiencing so many bugs at once, involving at least 4 or 5 different mods (or the combination of them), it's impossible to lay the blame anywhere in particular (er... except possibly on the player).


However, SimDing0 did manage to reproduce this one while trying to help me with something else involving Virtue, and suggested I should report it.


Minsc has two "badly injured" banters. After a fight in which he presumably reached the hitpoint trigger for these banters, he started spouting them, regularly alternating the two, on infinite repeat until he was healed. They were fairly rapid-fire, though not so much so that I couldn't feed him a potion or wouldn't have been able to cast a healing spell. So this is by no means a game-breaker.


With the same party, I could replicate this any time Minsc was badly hurt. It didn't happen with other NPCs, but I have no idea if any of the ones I tried even have a relevant banter.


I have a less heavily-modded alternate install set up now, and a badly-injured Minsc in my save game there stops after one banter.


Mods on unaffected game: 1 pixel productions, Apack, Bag Bonus, Banterpack, Dingo's quest pack, DBG, improved thief stronghold, improved oasis dialogs, improved hell trials, Oversight, Tsujatha, UB, improved Valhalla horns, and some components of EoU and G3 tweaks.


Mods on affected game: all of the above, plus Tactics, Ascension, item upgrades, underrepresented items, Kelsey, Keto, Yasraena, Valen, Solaufein, Britt, NPC flirts, Virtue, several of the mod resurrections from Hlid, Azenmod, and some components of Imoen the Bard. (Yes, it is a mess. I know, I know. But my druid worked fine on the exact same build. It's just my cleric/thief that went completely wonky. Weird, no?)


It occurs to me that I may have only seen this when I was also experiencing a Minsc stutter from Virtue 16, which was resolved by upgrading to Virtue 17. You might want to check that with Sim.


I don't know how worthwhile looking into this in depth is, but I've done my bit, I think. I'll be checking back if you want more information, but I'm not looking for a fix for it or anything, since I can't even get it to happen in all my games. Cheers.

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