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Stein's XP

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As mentioned in Cam's last post in the 'Outstanding bugs'-thread. I set it to 1000 since his goons apparently have that value. Feel free to disagree, of course.


Oh, and I would edit this post, but... I can't. :bday:


COPY_EXISTING ~stein.cre~ ~override~
READ_LONG 0x14 "xp_value"
 PATCH_IF ("%xp_value%" = 0) BEGIN
   WRITE_LONG 0x14 1000

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The complete list, to date:

~^DEMGLA\(01\|B2?\)\.CRE$~ ~OVERRIDE~
~^CHALPC0[12345678]\.CRE$~ ~OVERRIDE~

Some of these were likely intentional, others don't really matter.

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I didn't give them all the same XP amount. Which is why some are regexps, and others aren't. I just cut out the patch list and only posted the files here. I don't want to make anybody feel left out by doing all the work myself :).

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All of these were creatures with 0 XP, so I don't see any issue. Leave out the following, as they may have been intentional:

~^CHALPC0[12345678]\.CRE$~ ~OVERRIDE~

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