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Bug. Infinite Menu since new installation.

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Hope, it's the right place to ask my question. I'm also sorry with my bad English.

I have make a clean installation of EET few month ago and play a few hours (finish Durlag, island in the north, i was in Baldur's gate).

When i launch the game, it was broken. I think it's the new version 2.6 who broke the game.

So i try a new install with few mods (with the list here at Gibberlings). Installation goes fine, no reports during EET install. But when i launch EET with the icon on my desktop, it launch the Menu of BGII, i have the choice between "Shadows of Amn", "ToB" and "The Pit", when i choose "Shadows of Amn" it launch the first Baldurs Main Menu but when i choose "One player" and "New Game" the game go back to the first menu "Shadows of Amn"/ToB etc. and refuse to launch a new game.

It's a know bug ?

Thank's for your feedback.

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On 5/4/2021 at 11:59 PM, morpheus562 said:

I think this was addressed in the main thread, but were you able to get it working by placing the hotfix in the correct folder before the install?

Yes it work fine IF i place the hotfix before installing EET. Merci beaucoup for your work and your answers.

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