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"Reputation gain/loss when killed"

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A paladin in BG has -30 in that field, and the party loses 3 points of reputation when they kill him. Is that how it works, every 10 points count as a point of reputation?

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A character with reputation of 9, has a -30 in the reputati.2da in the KILL_INNOCENT row. How the heck your paladin, normally a lawful good character that starts with reputation of 12 got a 9 is a mistery... but you are talking from your arse. So that accounted... yes, the reputation loss is divided with a 10 ... yes, had to look as the table to make sense of your prattle.

PS; There are other figures that also get divided by 10, like say the chirch donation, which you have to donate 10 times more to get the effect of 1 reputation. It's like the whole system was balanced by *10 and then someone went and divided everything with a 10 at the end, probably cause they could only limit it to be between 1 and 20, and maybe, just maybe even that system went bust.

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Temnix is not talking about HIS Paladin. He's talking about Phandalyn, the NPC Paladin in generic tavern/inn AR1109 in BG city who attacks parties containing an Evil character.

PHANDA.CRE has a Reputation of 0 and, just as Temnix says, a value of -30 in the Reputation Gain/Loss When Killed field.

@temnix, perhaps you have already seen REPUTATI.2DA?

If not, that is the table that Jarno is talking about in the rest of his post. He's right about the figures in that table being divided by 10. It must also apply to the stat you asked about.

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I guess so. The difference seems to be, reputation effects in REPUTATI take into account current reputation, and the CRE file field is a straight change.

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Which is why Phandalyn, along with a fair few others you weren't 'supposed' to kill, were innocents in BG1 ( ie not BG:EE ) so you got the variable decrease in Reputation, taking into account current Reputation.

Well, perhaps "Reputation Gain/Loss When Killed" also didn't exist as a stat in BG1, but I only have BG:EE so I can't check.

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3 minutes ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

It does, the table is a little different, but still the same on those parts.

Hi Jarno, there's been a misunderstanding. I realise that the 2DA existed in BG1 as well as BG:EE.

But there is also a "Reputation Gain/Loss When Killed" stat - ie something specific to a .CRE - that I, and Temnix, were talking about.

You can see it on NearInfinity four fields below the fields for the legacy weapon proficiency types.

That's what I was wondering about in terms of whether it existed in BG1.

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17 minutes ago, The_Baffled_King said:

But there is also a "Reputation Gain/Loss When Killed" stat - ie something specific to a .CRE - that I, and Temnix, were talking about.

Yes, you are talking about the .CRE format, and it's header offsets 0x007f's bit number. Yes, that is not in use there in BG1... like described in the format.

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