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Another help please…

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Well, I need an help again : I'm unable to load the possibility to make the Edwin's amulet removable in my mod Kaya (cf my recent post - Kaya_v4aEE.rar) for BG2EE, after having put the following lines in the dialog.tra (French & English):

@10040    = ~Rendre l amulette d Edwin retirable (pour BG2EE/EET)?~

@10040    = ~Make Edwin's amulet droppable (for BG2EE/EET) ?~

and I need that the mod works in order to upgrade it for my 3° mod (Artemus Jansen Extraordinaire Smith). Here the .tp2 and the Debug files. and I think it's perhaps only a little problem of coding. So Lava - and the others modders  who read me too - if you are here, yours skills would be very  useful. I need too to obtain the lines of code in the tp2 in order to make the Nalia's ring removable too; here the lines added in the dialog.tra:

@10050    = ~Rendre l anneau de Nalia retirable (pour BG2EE/EET)?~

@10050    = ~Make Nalia's ring droppable (for BG2EE/EET) ?~

Thank you by advance.

SETUP-KAYA.DEBUG setup-Kaya.tp2

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Well, believe me I need really of help for my mod Kaya, I don't know at all what is the origin of this annoying bug which prevents the install of my mod. And I need too to be helped in order to allow that the Nalia's ring being removable, like the Edwin's amulet, and I have the intention to ugrade these 2 items in the near future in a new mod. Here the last version of my mod, with the Debug file. Lava and Mike, if you read me…Thank you by advance. 


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ACTION_IF is_item_use BEGIN

This condition tests a variable called 'is_item_use', but this variable is not defined anywhere in your tp2 file, hence the error.

I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do here, but if you want to test for the item_use.2da file, the way to do so is as follows.



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Thank you for your quick response, Angel. So I've modified the 2° line  of code according your suggestion in my tp2 and tried to install my mod in BG2EE, and it doesn't work too. I think it's here a little detail of coding, but I don't know what it is exactly…Here the line for the installation of the amulet and the Debug, so I hope that someone - you Angel perhaps - could solve this problem effectively. Thank you by advance.


// Amulette Edwin

BEGIN @10040


    COPY_EXISTING ~item_use.2da~ ~override~
        COUNT_2DA_COLS num_col
        READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW file num_col
        FOR (r = 0 ; r < file ; ++r) BEGIN
            READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER file r 0 label
            PATCH_IF ("%label%" STR_EQ "MISC89") BEGIN
/*CONTROL DEBUG pendant le développement
                FOR (c = 0 ; c < num_col ; ++c) BEGIN
                    READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER file r c nb
                    PATCH_PRINT "item_use.2da : %label% - r%r% - c%c% = %nb%"
                SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER file_out r 3 ~2~
                SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER file_out r 2 ~-1~
                SET_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW file_out num_col


    FAIL ~Ce composant necessite BG2EE/EET.~



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