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    Sword Coast Stratagems v32 now available

    I have found a problem with Tweaks v32 - the last version - : when I entered my team in the sewers - in the Temples District of Athkatla - I have had a crash on my last BG2/ToB install and I return on Windows. I haven’t encountered this problem before with the RC versions of Tweaks 32. So I have made many attempts, on SoA and ToB and it seems that the problem is Gaius, the member mage of the evil adventurers team in the sewers, who have been modified moreover by Revised Battles; I had a look at his CRE file and I haven’t found anomalies at first sight. I put here my ToBEx log here, and I hope this problem will be resolved soon. TobEx.log GAIUS.cre
  2. Prof Errata

    Progress Reports

    ah ! good news indeed ! I hope now that the new version will come quickly…
  3. Prof Errata

    Progress Reports

    Does it mean a new version for TBL will be available soon - v3.3 - ?
  4. Prof Errata

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    An impressive listing of bugs of the RC8 - and the bugfixing which followed - has been collected until now, so is it possible that we’ll have a definitive version of SCS v32 very soon ? DavidW if you read me…
  5. Prof Errata

    Progress Reports

    Well done, jmaeq ! and thank you for your marvellous work. But personally I’ll wait the next version of the mod - if bugs are detected soon in the V2 - in order to send Minyae in my next BG2 game. I have a look at the dialogues and I’ve noticed they are well written, the fact too that Minyae isn’t a love affair too is an advantage in my opinion. Nevertheless, I think it would be interesting to give to our heroine the option of being a standard Mage class, because the Enchanter class Mage have a serious drawback, the forbidden specialization of Invocation; and so no magic missile available, a spell rather useful against the Mordies Swords… Nevertheless I can only congratulate you for your mod, persons like you are a boon for our little community. Merci encore !
  6. Prof Errata

    The Beaurin Legacy Overview and FAQ

    an excellent idea, go ahead !
  7. Prof Errata

    The Beaurin Legacy Overview and FAQ

    Well, is the Beaurin Legacy ToB part going well now ? And will it be released before the end of the year, I hope ?
  8. Prof Errata

    Version 7 of Tweaks Anthology Released

    well I hope to have a response one day…
  9. does it mean that we’ll have SCS v32 very soon ?
  10. Prof Errata

    Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

    it isn’t help much, I’m afraid…
  11. Prof Errata

    Version 7 of Tweaks Anthology Released

    Is Tweaks v7 the definitive version now ?
  12. Prof Errata

    Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

    Well, nobody can’t give me a little help about this subject ? I don’t think it’s a difficult thing to make clear at present…
  13. Dear Jmaeq, I’ve downloaded recently your new character for BG2, and I have to notice that Minyae is an interesting one, well conceived and written. Well done ! And it’s not impossible I’ll enlist this malicious elfette in my next BG2 game. But there is a problem: Minyae is a multiclassed thief/mage and I think her thief class is useless in BG2, because you have for the thief proficiencies at the beginning of BG2 Yoshimo - and at Spellhold Imoen -, and Minyae is redundant with Jan, multiclassed thief/mage too. So I give you here my suggestions about the possible class choices for Minyae, and well I don’t think it will be a difficult work for you to implement them: - single classed mage (standard Mage or Enchanter); - single classed Thief (or Assassin); Thank you by advance! PS: Sorry for my poor English, it’s not my native language…
  14. Prof Errata

    Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

    well Cam, remove this doubt from my mind: does it mean that an another version of cdtweaks will be released very soon, after the v7?
  15. Prof Errata

    BG2 Fixpack v11 Beta 4 Released

    sorry to intervene here, but well in the wake of all these remarkable changes here at G3 since these last days, will a definitive BG2Fixpack v11 be expected soon ?
  16. Prof Errata

    Other class profiles for Minyae, please ?

    But before to do these changes, of course it would be a good thing that the ToB part will be released, soon I hope. Jmaeq well the ball is in your court now…
  17. Prof Errata

    G3 Prepares for its 15th Anniversary

    nice work ! Thank you for your huge work Cam !
  18. Will this new version of Tweaks be released soon ?
  19. Prof Errata

    Other class profiles for Minyae, please ?

    Note that the changes about the new possible classes for Minyae don’t need a big work: - edit the Minyae’s 2 CRE files in the Creatures folder; - modify the files with the choices of Mage/Enchanter with an editor; - modify the tp2 at the end Et voilà !
  20. Prof Errata

    Testers wanted for Tweaks v5

    Is the release of Tweaks v5 imminent now ?
  21. Prof Errata

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    Tweaks v5 will be released very soon, I hope ?
  22. Hello, it’s me again…Well, I’ve made recently an install of mods for IWD2, and 3 components of CDtweaks_V4 have refused to install, and 2 are installed with warnings: NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Separate Resist Fire/Cold Icon into Separate Icons (Angel) NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Cast Spells from Scrolls (and Other Items) at Character Level NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Increase Gem and Jewelry Stacking -> Unlimited Gem and Jewelry Stacking INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Increase Scroll Stacking -> Unlimited Scroll Stacking Here the files: I hope that this problem will be solved quickly. Thank you by advance. debug.txt Debug.rar
  23. Prof Errata

    IR Revised V1.2.5 (2019 April 5th)

    as usual, Jarno, you have the knack of being grating…
  24. Prof Errata

    IR Revised V1.2.5 (2019 April 5th)

    So a new version of IR is underway ? - V.1.13b -
  25. Je suis sur le cul…Well Jarno, giving the fact that you’ve been able to locate and how to fix these 3 damned failures of CDTweaks for IWD2, do you think now Cam will be able to correct them for IWD2 quickly ? I hope he’s reading us now… NB: the mod LOSv2 - for IWD2 - will be translated in French soon, it’s why I’ve the desire for these failures are fixed once for all shortly.