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What does GUIEnhancements=15 mean?

Guest Darpaek

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It's a bitfield, that's why the numbers can grow fast. But we have to find some better way, maybe store it within the game config. We'll see what's best once we have a proper launcher.

4 (third bit) enables direct opening of bags, the item description is skipped.

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it's a bitfield, so 7 is already enough to cover all three. I think we used to have a fourth bit (and then we just turned it on always), that's why the config file defaults to 15.

GUI: that mod relies on exe hacking, so for sure many of its things won't work.

Btw, ctrl-w to consolidate visible loot under the mouse cursor. It will get sorted, merged, way easier to deal with. IMHO also better than the loot bar.

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