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  1. And is it possible to set ALT (highlight) as always pressed or to make it a toggle?
  2. Well, I found a Windows build that lets me access the Worldmap while we figure out my issues with Linux. Playing BGT in the BG1 section and the game does pause while looting or in inventory. I can't manually pause either while in these screens. Is there an ini setting or unhardcoded somewhere to set Pause to loot or inventory? I have pause on dialogue. Also, would it be possible to recompile the Windows build with all of the latest commits? The most recent is 7/13. Thanks!
  3. I replied to the closed issue, but it looks like I have a new error now. Should I start another thread?
  4. darpaeklightmaps.tar.gz It couldn't find my chitin key. So I cheated and installed wine WOW! I'm like an official bugtester!
  5. I don't have either in my Override. It doesn't seem like it would be a problem with just those two lightmaps. I'll bet I'm having a problem with all of my lightmaps.
  6. So, AR6600 is where my saved game is at. The first exterior outside of Candlekeep in BGT Yeah. On a new game it's giving me AR0015. Candlekeep.
  7. It found Python and a bunch of packages it couldn't find earlier. I don't understand how it can't find SDL_Mixer but the music still plays. Here are some compiler errors I am getting with the second line: I don't know if this is good or not, but the loading bar got more full, so we seem to be making progress. And the error message is different this time.
  8. I updated the Python dev and recompiled. Had a couple of objects recompile. Still crashed on Loading Game, but the error log is slightly longer. I wouldn't know how to change the Python path if I tried. My knowledge of Python ends at PANDAS and Anaconda.
  9. No luck. Failed on load again. Also, failed on chargen. Tried BG2 and TOB imported and created just for throughness.
  10. Above are the errors I get when starting GemRB Freezes on load. Below is the error when it freezes: This was the re-build. It looked like it worked, except it still can't find a bunch of libraries that I have installed. This is the backtrace after the freeze on load:
  11. I fixed the sound problems. Apparently it is sending the sound to my tower in the other room. I had the door closed.
  12. Good morning! The windows binary crashed on the Worldmap I boot into Ubuntu, follow the instructions on the first page and I have no sound and I still get the error on chargen and load. I use the AppImage, I still have no sound, and I have the green squares. However, I am able to access the Worldmap. LOL
  13. Where would I put this function to speed up my mouse wheel, particularly in item descriptions and Customize>Scripts? I added it to Start.py below SkipVideos, and passed 50 but didn't notice any change.
  14. Dude. I destroyed a HD. I am going to make this work. So, I installed Ubuntu on a second partition on this HD to run it natively and not in a VM. I built my megamod in Windows. Tested it in Windows GemRB... and no bugs. No graphical glitches. No crash on spells. No attacks from random Candlekeep guards. Windows GemRB is working perfectly so far. Then I got parse errors installing the 10pp mod - the whole reason I started this mess in the first place. I added the offending file to the extender.pl, but the parse error continued. I ended up manually pulling out the file from the temp folder mid install so 10pp would install and dumped the .d file into my override afterward. That is how my day is going.
  15. No green in Windows, it just crashes when a spell gets cast. I tried installing Virtual Box instead of VMWare and it still gave me the green boxes. I even installed a Windows X server and tried to run it through WSL2. Still green boxes. So, I installed Ubuntu on a dual boot. I'm that determined. Of course, I accidentally deleted my entire second HD when I was installing Ubuntu into the small 100G partition I had made for it, so I'm starting over completely.
  16. It's still the VM. You mentioned above that you had a friend who was playing on a virtual box. Do you know what VM they use? Just plain bad luck. I set up WSL2 in Windows with an X server to call the AppImage that works, but has green sprites. Took me hours to figure this out. Finally got it set up and even running natively in Windows with my graphics card... ...I still get a green box around the sprites. LOL I surrender.
  17. No luck. I downloaded the AppImage from 6 hours ago and still got the green sprites. Good news, it otherwise looked great and ran buttery smooth with no bugs. Where is the gemrb.cfg file saved for the AppImage? Maybe I can tweak something or try a different graphics driver.
  18. Still in the VM. No luck. I did this yesterday: git checkout v0.9.0 make Then I did this today: # grab a newer sdl sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:cybermax-dexter/sdl2-backport sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-dev # again in the build dir make clean make And I started GemRB from the Build directory with ../admin/run.gdb And it freezes at ACCEPT the same way the dev build did. I am able to load from the app image. Should I just rm -R the gemrb directory and start over? How do I do that? I'm also getting those green boxes around sprites, even when I enable Software Transparent BLT, which says it's supposed to get rid of Green boxes around sprites. Is there a different config file the AppImage looks at? I can't even figure out how to extract it to see the gemrb.cfg.
  19. I ran git checkout v0.9.0 make Now how do I start it? I also downloaded the appimage from the website, but it looks like crap. The experimental build we've been playing with looked better. Oh, but the appimage version didn't have any of the spellcasting bugs. It did have the Jondalar go hostile bug, but I think that's a mod and not GemRB
  20. I'm going to set up a dual boot with Ubuntu. Maybe this will work better in an actual environment. What do you mean experimental changes? I'm the guinea pig??? LOL
  21. I assume the Linux version works for vanilla. I can understand mods screwing up calling a bad cre, script, or something. But it seems weird that it loads no problem in Windows and not in Linux. I'm wondering if I should try running vanilla in Linux gemrb to make sure it isn't my VM environment or something. Edit: I can't get vanilla BG2 to load in my VM. This is my fault. Im sorry for wasting your time.
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