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Do any GUI mods work with GemRB? And would someone babystep me through setting up TT fonts?


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Title says it all.  Do any GUI mods work with GemRB?  And I've tried understanding the TTF thing.  The font is really hard to read in GemRB and I figured someone out there has a font in the override already that I can just point my config to and everything will look great?  Or maybe you can translate the font instructions into stupid for me, please?



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Those that only replace data should work out of the box. Widescreen comes to mind and I'm pretty sure some big font mod worked fine before.

For the fonts, best use a bold/heavy variant of the family and it will look much better. The bitmap fonts are thicker by default and it really matters at the default small size. Look at this comparison if you don't believe me:


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I found a font that looks pretty nice in widescreen.  I prefer the Semi Condensed Extra Bold.

And for other stupid people, it's actually pretty easy to install ttf font support.  You download those two links on the font page and extract them directly into the lib folder.  Then you dump the font into the GemRB\override folder and change Normal to something else in GemRB\unhardcoded\"game"\fonts.2da

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