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Trapped at Shangalar's Fix

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If the player killed Shangalar too quickly, he would not set a variable and his cronies would not appear, leaving the player trapped. BD solves this by extending the area script with this:


 Dead("HLSHANG") // Shangalar
 !Dead("HLVAXAL") // Vaxall
   CreateCreature("HLREVAN",[825.664],10) // Revanek
   CreateCreature("HLSHYR",[1123.640],6) // Shyressa
   CreateCreature("HLLAYEN",[1038.452],10) // Layene
   CreateCreature("HLVAXAL",[784.558],12) // Vaxall

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I don't think so, as I don't think imprisonment or maze affects the Exists trigger. To be on the safe side, though, I've added a GlobalLT("ShangalarMove","AR1008",2) trigger.At any rate, if the player imprisons Vaxall they have other issues.


Included in alpha 3.

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