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Commentary On Userunfriendly's Fanfic


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Never thought I would see something interesting featuring Cernd. :D


What made you go with Nowhere Man rather than Mother Nature's Son?

Well, most of my songs write themselves, literally because the "seed" song gets stuck in my head...and for some strange reason, nowhere man started playing in my head, and it fit cernd so perfectly, that the rest of the song wrote itself...


urm...cam...how about we do what everyone does in forgotten wars, keep a seperate commentary thread....


I'll start one on my stuff, and if you can move these two posts, that would be great... :D:D:D

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Thanks!  Oh, and I've never been able to read Career Day at Athkatla High... can't seem to get past Anomen stripped to his waist in black leather pants two sizes too small...  :D

time to post the song that made cam laugh for 5 minutes straight...vegetarian rhapsody...now imagine jan stripped to the waist in black leather pants 2 sizes too small...


jan doing freddy mercury... :D:D:D:D:D

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