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I'd just like to point out again that both romance conflicts and miscellaneous interjections between mod NPCs are perfectly welcome in the mod. Also, despite the name of the mod, material between any mods (not just NPCs) is allowed e.g. giving a mod NPC a kit from Song and Silence if both are installed.

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With the issue of kits, I personally think it would be easier to give the NPC an invisible clone kit. :) But, yeah, people are welcome to use kits I have made if they want if they ask.


Well yes, that is a better way to do it. But its clearly crossmod material between the two even if the actual implementation (for technical reasons) doesn't use the same kit, it instead uses a clone version.

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What I found lacking the most during my last playthrough was crossmod with quest mods. Some combinations just seem to ask for interjections! Examples are Eilistraee's Song / The Sellswords and any Drow NPC, the Sune Temple added to Waukeen's Promenade by one of Lava's mods and Isra, Kulyok's Reunion and the Nalia Romance / Auren Aseph, Paladins objecting to backstabbing Balthazar in Wheels of Prophecy... and so many more! I don't quite understand why quest mods seem to get less attention than NPC mods, in general. They're far easier to integrate into the game seamlessly, considering the 6-party-member-limitation. Now that work on the project has recommenced, it'd be great if these could become part of the Crossmod pack as well, eventually.

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