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Support for replacing the graphic assets with hi-res versions?


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Infinity Engine graphics are good adepts for upscaling with neural networks, there were some attempts and the results looked great even with standard ESRGAN without much tuning. With todays large and high dpi monitors having the ability to zoom without blurring or seeing pixels would be really nice.

However Beamdog didn't think of this, apparently the asset resolution is pretty much hardcoded and using hi-res replacements would not be possible without rewriting significant parts of the engine. 

Is the situation any better with GemRB? Does it theoretically support replacing assets with ones that have different resolution, or are there plans to implement this?


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Goddard/Jon Irenicus did some work on the data side of things, but that's about it. It's not just about replacing the graphics, but a lot of the structures need their offsets scaled, coordinates used in scripts and dialogs the same and maybe more.

It's mostly a data mod if you pick a fixed upscaling factor; engine changes could just speed up some things, provide shortcuts. And there are probably some things that still need to be unhardcoded, but other than that, I imagine it could work without touching the engine.

A lot of work either way, but I'm sure there'll be enough interest and volunteers eventually.

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Thanks, that sounds like a not great not terrible situation, better than EE in any case.

Can't help but think that, considering the popularity of upscale mods for other older games, if EE didn't exist (and take the focus of most players and modders), we would have already had working upscale mods by now. Well, can't have everything. :)

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