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Minsc and Edwin

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Please Help Me!

I get to Nashkel and get Minsc, and go and talk to Edwin, and choose: "i'm about to kill her without knowing?" and imediatly Minsc shall intervene saying that wich is Minsc Wich, and they argue a bit and Edwin finishs the dialog calling Minsc of Idiot, and everything stays fine. 

A few seconds later Minsc initiate dialog with Charname saying that Charname should reconsider killing Minsc Wich, and if you choose "Minsc, i promisse nothing to no one, you waches Edwin and he Waches you", them Minsc settles in and everything is fine, and you can keep both of them in the group.

I dont know if that dialog is part of a component of the mod called "NPCS dont fight"

but i installed a EET Game, with a lot of  mods, and this dialog does not kicks in anymore!

i'll attach the WEIDU log, but there's no culprit! I started a new game after unistalling each one of the mods and the bug continues! the only mod left was the EET itself, the dialog refuses to kcick in in a EET game, it only starts in a modded BG1EE solo game!

Please Help!


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