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[graphical glitch] Wrong colour of chant spell icon


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Linked .bam compared to other second level spells:


...compared to the .bam SRR uses:


SRR's could still be improved (it does not have enough of the proper manila/orangey edge highlights to quite fit in with the other icons - not that BG1/2:EE's icons are particularly consistent about this anyways, e.g. see BG1EE's Invisibility Purge which looks rather out of place compared to other white icons), but it's closer.


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17 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

...shouldn't it be blue, though? It's a buff, not a divination.

(Not that I think the vanilla game's red/blue/white color scheme is very sensible. But it is what it is.)

Not sure what divination has to do with it, but it buffs allies and de-buffs enemies and should seem to be white. The game is not perfectly consistent with this (for example, why is Bless blue if it all it does is grant your characters combat bonuses while Tenser's Transformation is white when all it does is grant you combat bonuses...or Invisibility, for that matter?), but having directly hostile effects would seem to require it to be white at the very least. For the most part, I wouldn't touch the color of spell icons because it does seem somewhat mercurial nebulous as to the exact particulars of why certain groups of spells are one color while others with similar functions aren't, but Chant is a special case in that even going back to oBG1, it had a blue spellbook icon but a white spellcasting icon.

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wrong word
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