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Harmless mods ?

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I am in the middle of my EET install order and i have probably quite a naive interrogation :

Can we consider certain mods to be relatively harmless (aka not supposed to interfere with other mods or bring issues) ?

Let's take an example : Coran's BG Extended Friendship Talks.

This mod brings 18 new banters if not in an active romance with Coran (plus one with Garrick). But there are no PIDs (from the readme : The mod is adding banters but not touching other existing dialogue states).

So in my opinion, it is quite a small mod that shouldn't make any trouble in my install order. As i am trying to decrease the number of mods included at the moment in my install order, i came to that interrogation : if that mod is harmless there is absolutely no reason for me not to keep it.

Am i wrong ?


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The question is, is the mod so safe because it does so little? This concern can very well lead to an Utterly Inoffensive Mods list. Who is going to do a Heroic Mods list opposite it, I wonder?

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