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Incompatibility with BGII:EE Unofficial Item Pack?

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Greetings, Dax!

I read this post today that suggested the BGII:EE Unofficial Item pack and The Cowled Menace may be incompatible.  How true is this, and if it's true, how to fix it?

This is the relevant text from that post which I paste here:


I read from a post @gwaihir porbably on G3 that he suggested to delete a line in the mod's tp2 file that overwrites a file and thus makes it incompatible with 'the cowled menace'. This is what got deleted :

COPY ~Unofficial Item Pack/new_items/MAGE18Z.CRE~ ~override/MAGE18Z.CRE~
at line 182 in the .tp2 file inside the mod folder


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I checked the Unofficial Item Pack and it is indeed overwriting the whole .CRE file relevant to my mod just to add an item.

This is a BIG NO, shouldn't be done ever, a mod like this would never get approved on G3

It is not compatible with my own mod that's for sure, not sure if deleting the line would be enough, but it should fix the biggest issues.

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