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Project Infinity issues

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@AL|EN hopefully you can help with this.

Im having some strange issues with PI;

1 - Component numbers not  showing for some mods.  For some reason the component numbers are not showing for some mods, resulting in them not getting sorted correctly and ending up in the unsorted mods section. As an example, when selecting the first Ascension component, instead of this;

ascension:0:Rewritten Final Chapter of Throne of Bhaal

It shows as this;

Ascension-RewrittenFinalChapterOfToB;Ascension - Rewritten Final Chapter of Throne of Bhaal

Its affecting quite a lot of mods, the attached file shows them all.  I know some in the unsorted section are there because i either need to change their name in the sorting order file, or added them in but I'm not sure how the components without numbers would get the sorting order applied to them.

2 - After applying sorting order, some mods were replaced with System.Object[]

I can't seem to replicate this now, not sure what happened but a number of mods/mod components in the install sequence were replaced. I've worked out which ones it was and tried selecting some of them and applying the same sorting order but its not happening now, so might have just been a one off.

3 - add feature - deselect all currently selected mods.  Would it be possible to add a button to PI that deselects all selected components? Now that some mods stay selected after restarting PI, but others don't, I've managed to get myself in a right muddle so I was wondering if you could add the option to clear all.


This might all be because im doing something daft but im not sure, any help appreciated and thanks for all your work onPI


Warning! Unsorted mods.7z

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For 3, you can deselect all mod components by clicking 'X' in the bottom-left corner of the main window. Or did you mean to deselect all components of single, selected mod?

As for 1 it's not a bug, it's a feature: the install sequence uses labels so if the 'component numbers' will change inside tp2 it won't destroy the install sequence.

Unfortunately, as you noticed, the sorting order feature is not adjusted to the above change, since it would delay releasing the new version even further.

This is is next thing that I will work but it will take a while.

The System.Object[] thing could definitely happen but it should go away whit upcoming changes.

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19 hours ago, AL|EN said:

For 3, you can deselect all mod components by clicking 'X' in the bottom-left corner of the main window

Embarassingly, i hadn't actually even noticed that button. That was just what I needed, wish I spotted it ages ago.

Can I ask how the new sorting order feature will work?  Am I going to need to create a new sorting order .csv file, using the component names instead of the component numbers?


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