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Need help with PI and log file [split from Mod Order/Feedback request]

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I am not sure if I should post this here, if not please direct to me the proper place. I am just learning/ trying Project infinity after Lava pointed out to me that the tool I was using, EE MOD Setup Tool, was outdated and often times using unsupported mods or mods altered from their original state without rights.  I watched the video Morpheus562 made and I am going to follow what he talked about. I downloaded his WeiDU.log file and I will  be getting the mods listed in it. I want to add mod NPC characters in it but I am unsure as to where they should go. I understand that they should come after the quests, but when I look at the log file, I am unsure when the quests are completed in the file.

Could someone point me in the right direction as to where I should start placing lines in the log file?

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Gotcha.  I have not performed any installations as of yet.  I am using morpheus562's WeiDU.log file as a template for a Project Infinity install, which I am brand new to.  I do have the EET setup in the mods folder and I think it fires off 1st in the list of mods.  I am collecting the mods listed in there, downloading them in advance.

I will assume that it will be there once I start installations.

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