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GemRB and theBigg's BG1 Weapon Profs and Styles from Tweaks Anthology


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I'm a cheese monkey and I like to play with as many magical items as possible, so I love the big group proficiencies from BG1.

Problem is, at character creation and levelup, I do not see the groups or styles in GemRB.  Now, I can fix this in Shadowkeeper since GemRB will let me level up without assigning all my prof slots, but is there anyway to tweak the Start.py to show the modded Weapon Groups in BG2?  It looks like I would tweak that there are one of the levelup.py.


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It wouldn't be that easy. Now we use the new profs if bg2 is detected and the old ones otherwise. Most of the code is in LUProf*.py. It wouldn't be technically difficult to change, there's just several places where it expects the current behaviour.

How does TA's version work? It shows both prof versions at once?

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It shows nothing in the character creation or level up screens.  I created a character in BG in GemRB with the BG1 prof's and exported it to BG2 and no proficiencies showed in the character record either, but it did show I had 4 dots in an unlabeled proficiency.

Level-up blocked my progress.  It would not let me advance past the levelup screen without spending the proficiency point.  I thought GemRB let you advance past without spending the prof point (for cleric/fighter's, etc.)

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