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How do Monks gain magical fists on level up ?

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According to the game, 

"Fists are considered magical weapons at 4th level, +1 at 10th"... 

How does the game turn your fists into magical fists? I cannot find how the game changes them to be magical.  I have seem Monkfist.2DA which shows me the different fists depending on the level,  but when you level up and the changes take place, where is that stored? How does the game replace the current Fist with the updated one? I wish to alter one of the custom Monk kits which I have installed as for whatever reason they are not classed as magical and therefore it makes it impossible to hit late game creatures. 

Thank you.

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the real point is: monk's fists can be magical but CAN'T do any kind of elemental damage. and this is exactly why monks suck blue balls, even if they fists can be hackmasters +12, any +3 weapon dealing elemental damage is better. I never play monks but I think ee improved on them a little, giving them ability to deal frost and fire damage on hit but ONLY for one round or something, not really that much of improvement imo but really good beamdog devs thinking and change to monks if only marginally useful.


fun thing/observation. monks are probably the strongest in improved anvil mod ver. 6 and above. sikret the lunatic totally nerfed (realistically removed) elemental damage weapons "improving" them like this: instead of dealing some (usually 1 or 2) elemental damage on hit - 5 % chance of dealing elemental damage on hit, which translates literally to " i am enemy mage and I WIN".

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MONKFIST.2DA tells the game which fist weapon to use for a monk of a given level. For example, the level 1 fist (unmodded) is MFIST1. Look up that ITM file ... it's named "Fist", it has the "Fake two-handed" flag, it's not magical, and its attack ability deals 1d6 crushing damage with range 2. The alternate fists are automatically applied during gameplay by the engine, much like CON bonuses

Any kit for the monk class will use this table. That part is basically hardcoded. If a custom monk kit isn't giving you magical fists ...

- Did some mod change the weapons and get things wrong? You can set an enchantment level on a weapon, but if you don't also set the "magical" flag, that won't help. That description "magical at level 4, +1 at level 10" is certainly different from the base game in which monk fists don't become magical until level 9.

- Is the kit actually based on the monk class? Some overhauls use other base classes to enable a broader range of possible abilities.

- Does this kit have some specific effect that overrides things about the standard fist? That's certainly possible; I created a kit myself that got higher enchantment levels than the standard monk (by 1), and made the fists magic/silver/cold iron starting at level 6.

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So the mod in question adds Shadow Monk as a kit, and the class itself is different from normal monk progression. Each hit (depending on level) will deal magic damage and cold damage and a chance of level draining and ability score drain. There is no mention in the kit description about fist level damage etc. I had managed to find one of the .SPL files which give the Shadow Monk the effects of drain etc, when it reaches the level threshold.

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