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Alter SpellCaster_Class Spell Progression goes after or before newly added/edited spells?

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Do Alter SpellCaster_Class Spell Progression type components should be installed after or before Spell Revision + Spell Revised and other mods which add spells like Dark Side of the Sword Coast spell component or Made in Heaven Spells

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If you mean the components from Tweaks Anthology and/or Scales of Balance and the like, then they don't affect each other. There are a ton of such progresion table components, klatu has such as well (klatu's Mage and Sorcerer tables are more generous than anything offered by Tweaks), MiH has one for paladins at least etc.

I think SCS's Smarter Mages/Priests care about them only to check how far the spellslots can go, also Tome & Blood's Multiclass Sorcerers will grab the then-current state of the Sorcerer progression table, so you should finalize them before these two components only.

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