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Guest Avenger_at_work

i doubt that community prefixes belong to iesdp.

Also they change quite frequently, a sticky board note is much better.

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BTW, it had a strike-out even when both the prefixes and the IESDP were at TBG.

I know and that's why I thoght that strike was present because of TBG fall. Now is at BWL so I though strike is not necessary. When I see striked text I think it does not work.

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In Icewind Dale I think undroppable flag in cre (!) works differently than in BG.

In IWD if this flag is set, blue border is shown around item image.

If not, no blue border is shown.

In both cases item is droppable.

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I found console command "AdvanceRealTime(long)" which set real time to current+long.


Tested in BG2. I found it during viewing bgmain.exe.


EDIT: There are more commands in bgmain.exe nt listed in IESDP. I do not know if I have time to check them all.


EDIT2: I checked some of them but they did not work. (AdvanceCurrentTime)

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