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Modding the BG EE series (Gog.com version)

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I want to replay BG for the umpteenth time and install my usual mods. However, I seem to recall that the EE editions (bought via Gog.com), and in particular SOD, required you to un-pack a file, or do some other editing, before you could install weidu-mods.

Am I misremembering things or not? If not, what do you need to do again?


Thanks in advance!

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Basically, anything in the sod-dlc.zip archive takes precedence over files elsewhere. So if a mod alters something that SoD also changes, the SoD version will be used instead of the mod version. This includes dialog.tlk, the file that collects all of the in-game text. Any mod that adds text to the game definitely needs you to take care of that DLC archive first, and that's practically all of them.

What does DlcMerger do? It unpacks that archive into a new sod-dlc folder, leaving behind an inert copy (sod-dlc.disabled) for backup purposes. The new folder is read normally with the other game files, and mods can interact with it properly.

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ToB is included in all versions of BG2EE. SoD is only included if you actually buy it. I think SoD and BGEE have the same list price on GoG - $20? If you happen to catch them during a sale, of course, that can be considerably cheaper. I got my copy of SoD for $5 early September last year for their Labor Day sale. Note also that SoD can't be played on its own; you need BGEE first, and SoD installs on top of it.

I don't know about "Galaxy" and how it handles the downloads, because I've used the offline installers myself. 

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