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GemRB spawning hordes of enemies.


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Looking for some help with an ongoing problem I’ve had running a mega-modification build of BGT-Weidu through GemRB. After the installation of all mods, the build functions normally on a Windows 7 machine, however when run through GemRB on a new game on a Linux based system (Arkos for Anbernic RG353P) an overwhelming number of monsters spawn in vanilla areas (eg 6 wolves or bears instead of 1 in the area straight after Candlekeep) making the game unplayable.

Initially, I thought the component of ‘Dark Side of the Sword Coast’, which changes monster spawn rates was responsible, however after uninstalling and reinstalling without this component, and then without DSotSC completely, the problem was the same.

The mods I have installed with this build are in order: BG1 Patch 5512, BG2 Unfinished Business, Check the Bodies, Region of Terror, Shadows over Soubar, BGT-Weidu, (Dark Side of the Sword Coast), Northern Tales of the Sword Coast, BG1 Unfinished Business, BG1 NPC Project, Ascension, BP-BGT Worldmap, Infinity Portrait Pack, Generalized Biffing.

Any help would be appreciated.

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