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Does Icewind EE have any weather?

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I've been playing with weather conditions and setting the probability of each type (snow, rain etc) to 100 in outside areas but nothing happens even after waiting for several minutes or resting. Using NI, the Location parameter is set to "Outdoors" + "Day/Night" + "Weather".

I don't recall vanilla Icewind having weather but I thought this could be changed through IW:EE.

Is having weather possible?

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All Infinity Engine games support weather effects, except PST and PSTEE. Even fog works across the EE games (but vanilla IWDEE lacks the necessary fog tables for that.)

The 'Snow' weather effect in IWDEE can be difficult to see because the engine appears to use the native screen resolution to render snowflakes, which can be hard to see on higher resolutions.

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