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P&P Celestials v10 Released

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From Caedwyr:

Something that bothered me from the first time I played Baldur's Gate II was the weakness of many of the creatures. Among these were the elemental princes, the devas and planetars, and the various demons and devils. In Pen and Paper AD&D these are powerful and scary enemies if you get on their wrong sides. In Baldur's Gate II, they were minor obstacles to be plowed over by the Bhaalspawn and his/her party.

What I have done in this mod is to modify the Devas and Planetars that are summoned by the player so they gain most of their Monster Manual abilities and stats. I have taken some small liberties in how I adapted some of these abilities. Since the devas and planetars that are summoned are level 25 creatures and the monster manual lists them as much lower level creatures, I have chosen a class for each of the creatures and increased their statistics according to their class.

Version 10 fixes the borked Polish translation (thanks @Roberciiik) along side some fixes and compatibility updates from @TotoR and other minor fixes.

v10 changelog

  • Big thanks to TotoR, who sent along fixes for the following:
    • The animation component was not properly checking for the main component due to a typo; this meant some changes were not being made
    • Fixed conflicts with the Spell Revisions and Item Revisions mods
    • New icon for Improved Invisibility and Protection From Good 40' (the latter used with permission from Divine Remix)
  • The Polish translation was borked, but Roberciiik sent along a fix
  • Fixed a bug where the mod could choke on EE games with a modified Seven Eyes table
  • "The Winged" from Black Pits II was not being updated with the new planetar animations
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