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Best way to add a prefix to all the global variables for a mod automatically

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I have a huge mod, all the resource files in it already have prefixes, but global variables are not. What is the best way to add a prefix to all the global variables automatically?

I wrote a python script to find all the instance strings in *.baf and *.d files that looks like:


using the regexp (\s is all ASCII whitespaces, like space, tab, end of the string):


and I am replacing it to be (my prefix is NW):


I am making sure that the resultant string length is no more than 32 and ignoring all the variables started with "SPRITE_IS_DEAD". Is there anything else I should consider, or this is enough?

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Effects — there could be some modifying variables via 0x109 https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/opcodes/bgee.htm#op265

Oh, you can make the process faster by not converting all dlg and bcs files. I had to do the same for 10pp and first check for a rough match in the non-decompiled file:


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