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[BG2EE] Some issues noted and thoughts (as of BETA 3)

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Just started testing BG2EE and had only a quick look at fighter and shapeshifter. Here's some issues to consider...

  1. Shouldn't Aasimar also get resistance to Electricity? At least in NWN2, they had that. Tieflings on the other hand do match that, though maybe you're using a source I'm unaware of
  2. Sunscorch by Aasimar doesn't have an icon in the innate abilities section (looks like empty space) and has no effect damage-wise
  3. I cannot see the "pips" in the feats in BG2EE. Tested in ToB, Fighter.
  4. Whirlwind Attack (after using the feat that upgrades it) only works once. Casting it again does nothing. Without the upgrade, it works normally.
  5. Upgrading HLAs (like deathblow) is not reflected in the spells you character has or at least the strings (for example deathblow will still say it kills up to level 10 enemies)
  6. Summon Elemental Prince seems to always say that they don't answer your call. Tested with Earth Elemental Prince
  7. Thunderstorm seems to have the old Burning Hands animation for some reason on affected enemies, but obviously doing electric damage

Also some suggestions for your consideration that came to mind as a result...

  1. Maybe it's just me but I think the HLA Foresight spell is begging to grant also backstab immunity. It matches the concept of the spell. Warlocks in NWN2 had a foresight spell that also made them immune to sneak attacks on the same principle.
  2.  Consider adding feat to improve Dirty Fighting at high levels (save penalty). I was testing some stuff in ToB and I realized how difficult it would be for that to be effective in ToB and late SoA (and my testing indicated as much). I think a feat to upgrade the saves to -2 or something along those lines would be nice for fighters and high level rogues.
  3. Consider making higher tiers of werewolf for shapeshifter move faster, they're too sluggish by default. (The mod does boost the forms considerably though... I like what you've done).
  4. Consider boosting Fury of the Pack in some way, it seems a bit too underwhelming for a spell that you can cast only once per day for a single target. The rest of hla spells for the druid seemed pretty great though!

Cheers... I'll update this post with more stuff when I spend some more time on the game.



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More stuff after checking Blackguards and Cavaliers:

  1. - Drow elf description: line about reputation says "- - 2 to initial reputation". Probably should be "- -2 to initial reputation".
  2. - Maybe there's a balance issue to take note... I created a blackguard with STR 18, DEX 15, CON 18, INT 10, WIS 10, CHAR 17. It started out with a -7 bonus to Save vs Death and Petrification, and -5 to Wand and Breath, -3 to Spell? Is this right? When I level her up in ToB, they all become negative except Spell, without the help of any items. Or maybe I'm missing something? Paladins have a similar situation.
  3. - Blackguards get "Fiendish Warding" but they don't ever get level 7 slots. Probably present in paladins too, will check...
  4. - I feel like Dirty Fighting should be available to Blackguards. Seems perfectly fitting, as opposed to paladins [Fixed]
  5. - Nerve Venom and Deathkiss also cast Blue Whinnis. Speaking of which, how do you go back to "default" poison? Since it seems that it replaces the usual effect. [FIXED]
  6. - Infernal and Abysal pact can be cast to targets other than self. They also don't do anything other than damning you (no demon comes to help) if you cast on self. Uses enchantment lights, if that's an issue too.
  7. - Something rather strange happens with high level paladins after selecting an Holy Aura in the feats: my character periodically casts some sort of Death Fog thing on themselves, as well as a rather distracting light effect around them (seems to triggers when a friendly is nearby). And you cannot rest, and FPS will probably take a hit eventually, so it's pretty critical.

Cheers. More tests will be coming soon

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More stuff in SoA and Druids:

  1. - I believe this might have been discussed before, but shouldn't Favor of Ilmater be renamed to something more generic? I see that with a cavalier. Maybe Divine/Celestial Favor
  2. - In SoA, Minsc and Jaheira keep "reacting" to something over and over. Like that pose your character has when attacking in between each attack (sorry, I'm not the best at descriptions in English). I think they're freaking out because of NPC customization. They cancel all orders you give them, but maybe it's okay, because after leveling them up the issue disappears. [Might be fixed already, since component was rebuilt, pending to check]
  3. - As discussed in the [BGEE/SoD] thread, importing from character files is broken for SoA and ToB too. I imagine importing from save files would be fine? Not yet tested... I imagine they would retain spell effects from feats and the like. [Might be fixed already, since component was rebuilt, pending to check]
  4. - After leveling up Minsc to max and selecting the ranger endurance HLA, he has 2 Regeneration symbols in the portrait
  5. - The description of Rangers states that they start with 2 pips in two-weapon style but Minsc only had one.
  6. - The issue of Viconia having two Cause Serious Wounds is also present in Hrothgar character file. Lawful Neutral Cleric
  7. - Air Elemental and Fire Elemental (lesser and greater) shapeshift have icon-less weapons.
  8. - The Greater Water Elemental Shape is invisible to the user
  9. - Shifting from Greater Water Elemental to another Greater Elemental Shape makes your character unable to move. Can be corrected by using CTRL + J.
  10. - AC bonus from Empowered Animal Summoning seems to not work, as well as saving throws. I can't be positive because I don't know if forcing them into the party changes things, but it looks like those changes are not working.
  11. - In Avenger at least, the Conjure Animals spell is missing (which is mentioned by the feat in the previous line) -- that spell that conjured bears (I think).
  12. (lesser) Elemental Shapeshift Bugs : I occasionally see a weird bug where I see a bird being unsummoned randomly when shapeshifting or in shapeshifted state.
    1. - Water Elemental Shapeshift:  Drowning Damage is poison type (probably intended) and is not as the description states just 1d3, the damage seems to tick 2 or 3 times (1d3 each)
    2. - Earth Elemental Shapeshift:  Knockback uses Save vs Polymorph and not Breath

After testing the shapes... Would you consider improving (regular) shapeshifting for druids at higher levels? Maybe it's just me, but I don't like that at later stages, it's always better to use elemental shapes. The others are generally deprecated (and the spider version I think is inferior than in vanilla, since poison was removed). I think at least the progression until deprecation could be smoother.

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25 minutes ago, RoyalProtector said:

(and the spider version I think is inferior than in vanilla, since poison was removed)

Actually, the avenger's Sword Spider form, in vanilla (EE), already doesn't have poison. Lots of attacks per round and relatively high damage (2d6), but no poison.

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More issues noted about Favored Souls and Thieves:

  1. - Description of Favored Souls does not account for the Weapon Proficiency component's presence. As such it says things like "they can become specialized in the favored...". This has to be an error since with that component everyone can be specialized... The functionality is there, though, and in the god selection, the description seems fine.
  2. - The second paragraph in the Favored Soul description seems to have more than one line break preceding it.
  3. - Game froze when trying to start ToB with a Favored Soul of Mask. I had to press ESC for some ungodly reason, and it resumed. EDIT: Probably random glitch, didn't happen again
  4. - Favored of Mask seems to try to Detect Traps with Advanced AI activated. Weird.
  5. - Scribe Scrolls (tested with Favored of Mask) has in the description the following: "equivalent to XP_PLACEHOLDER xp per level of the spell inscribed" (also present when casting it)
  6. - Scribe Scrolls doesn't work with kit-specific spells, such as Sleep in Favored of Masks. Limitation? Maybe it should have some feedback regardless?
  7. - Assassin created in ToB ended up having x9 backstabs after leveling them up. I assume this is incorrect, as it is not documented...
  8. - Assassins don't have access to Trap HLAs, is this intended? The class description does not say this.
  9. - Set Acid Trap uses the spell animation that you would expect but then it disappears and it looks like a regular trap on the ground. Additionally, it affects only one creature when it triggers, and it does also piercing damage. It feels like you set a regular trap over the acid trap. It's a bit strange.
  10. - Set Exploding Trap doesn't work. Disappears as soon as it's set.
  11. - Set Spike Trap does heavy magic damage and a bit of piercing damage. Seems incorrect to me (and again feels like it's a regular trap on top of it, though not visually). I would suggest making the damage all piercing, similar to Rogue Rebalancing take on it, which I think makes the most sense, just going by the name of the ability, and the nature or thieves generally speaking.
  12. - Swashbuckler description states that they can specialize in thief weapons, and that they can achieve mastery in any melee weapon. The former should be deleted.
  13. - Set Special Snare damage at low levels is not nerfed as per your components that does this for Set Snares (or at least the description does not reflect this)
  14. - Set Toxic Trap doesn't work (it's not set and doesn't trigger)
  15. - Shadowdancers should not have access to Trap Master Feat
  16. - Shadowdancers should probably have Slippery Mind by default
  17. - Shadowdancers should not have access to the HLA Traps
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Issues found when testing different clerics:

  1. Demarchs of Mask don't get Cause Wounds spells below Serious. Seems a bit odd to me. I'm thinking it could be because the Serious category sphere is not Necromantic as the previous ones but "Divine"? Could this be a mistake?
  2. Icepriest of Auril should probably have no access to Elemental Immunity: Cold, since it gets that anyway (although I thought it was appropriate that immunity to fire was not offered).
  3. Not a bug, but I feel like the version of Spike Stones that the paraelemental that Icepriests of Auril summons uses should not harm it, but that's just a design choice.
  4. The innate Cone of Cold from Icepriest of Auril mentions "the wizard" when it probably shouldn't (there are others in the different types of clerics that do this, but I will only mention it once, it's a minor detail anyway). [Unmodded game issue?]
  5. Mass Raise Dead HLA has no description other than "Mass Raise Dead Level: 7"
  6. The innates from Painbearer of Ilmater have a missing line below "Level" in the description. (I was able to get 510 HP by combining a ton of Toughness and Ilmater's Endurance, my goodness)
  7. Firewalker of Kossuth has the summon fire elemental spell in the normal spells selection. I was expecting it to see it as an innate, like it was in previous kits, but maybe I'm mistaken.
  8. Firewalker of Kossuth can select immunity to fire has feat despite getting it anyway organically
  9. False Dawn has an empty line under the "Level" line in Morninglords of Lathander
  10. Innates of Talons of Malar have an empty line under the "Level" line
  11. The description of Talons of Malar should probably omit extraordinary strength if that sort of thing is removed by a component of the mod
  12. Beast Claw by Talons of Malar do not improve as you increase in level as expected. It stays at 2 attacks per round and STR of 18 (and it seems pretty underpowered, although that may be remedied once this issue is resolved)
  13. Symbol, Pain lacks a line break adding spacing between the name and school of magic and the rest, as that seems to be the consensus for spells in general.
  14. Symbols of Pain and Hopelessness state that the range is "visual range of caster", but the other ones say 90 ft, they should probably concur.
  15. Lorekeepers of Oghma don't get any of the innate spell abilities (Identify, Secret Word, Pierce Magic)
  16. Silverstar of Selune don't level up in ToB (as in the button does nothing)
  17. Power word, Blind from Nightcloaks of Shar don't have an empty line after the name of the spell + magic school
  18. Malagents of Talona innates have an empty line after the "Level" line
  19. Malagents of Talona and multiclasses that have this class don't actually get Poison Weapon (Favored Souls of Talona don't have the issue...) [Fixed]
  20. Stormlord of Talos innates except Lightning of Talos have an empty line after the "Level" line.
  21. Lightning of Talos does not have an icon and does nothing damage-wise.
  22. Lower Resistance (or at least the version that Luckbringer of Tymora have) feedback is off. At max level, it reduces MR by 50%, but the feedback says 30%
  23. Tymora's Luck description has contradictory duration: 10 rounds or 3 rounds?
  24. Hold Person and Holy Word by Holy Justice of Tyr have an empty line after the "Level" line
  25. I think the line "+2 to command undead" may be a bit confusing for someone reading that (Necrophant of Velsharoon)
  26. Necrophants of Velsharoon innates have an empty line after the "Level" line, except Dolorous Decay which instead seems to have too many line breaks after the name + school of magic part.
  27. None of the clerics get the a deity's symbol of power ring!

I also wanted to ask why some clerics get two pips on favored weapons and some just one? Wondering if there's a rationale for this.

Hope this gigantic list in this thread is not overwhelming. I want to help as much as possible :)

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Another fresh batch of delectable (possible) issues:

  1. Not a bug but I feel like the Spirit Animals should get some description as to their abilities or stats other than their HD. At least I would like to know what makes them special and how each differs from each other.
  2. The description of summon spirit animal spell differs from the one in the description of the class, seems like the former has not been updated.    
  3. Half-orcs do not get HP bonuses. [Fixed]
  4. None of the "Spirit of the __" spells of Totemic Druid work (they are not cast and effects are not seen)
  5. Empowered Totemic Summons have the same problem as Empowered Animal Summoning: bonuses missing, specifically saving throws and AC.
  6. Bards have access to Use Any Item directly, despite the description stating that "Use Wands" is a prerequisite.
  7. Lingering Melody doesn't work, effects end at the usual time.
  8. Resonating Weapon has the "Able to poison weapons" icon and text (not an issue per se, but just in case)
  9. Call Spirit Warrior summon is unselectable, you can only "talk" with it when you hover over it.
  10. Enthralling Melody seems to affect the caster, but not the enemies around (the caster tries to make a save)
  11. Mass Charm seems to affect the caster, but not the enemies around (the caster tries to make a save)
  12. Sound burst doesn't damage enemies or anyone else, only damages the caster
  13. Enhanced Bard Song "Epic of charname" in Blades becomes their default song instead of getting an ability to switch to it.
  14. Bard Song from Blades is supposedly Ballad of the Three Heroes, but it's actually just an unnamed bard song. If you switch to the Ballad of Three heroes, you pick it for good (can't go back to default).
  15. The feat that enhances the spins of Blades doesn't work (at least it doesn't for Defensive Spin -- you can't move, and yet you should be able to)
  16. War Chant of Sith has the word "Dash" at the end
  17. None of the non improved feats that add additional damage to the Barbarian attack when enraged (such as Fiery Rage) seem to work (no added damage) unless you have Tireless Rage and Great Rage. Upgrading them (such as with Volcanic Rage) always makes them fail to work.
  18. War Cry affects self and party members (fear effect). The improvements from Improved War Cry also don't apply (at least THAC0 bonus)
  19. "Saga of the North" and Jester's Melody contain the Ballad of Three Heroes description.
  20. Both the Skald and Jester's description say that they only know Ballad of the Three Heroes, but they have access to any bard song in the feats, so not sure what this means
  21. It's not entirely clear what it means in the enhanced jester song that enemies can become "mesmerized"... The description needs some clarification
  22. The enhanced jester song "mesmeric melody" affects only the caster, but not enemies
  23. Archer descriptions state twice that they can become grandmasters in bows and crossbows
  24. The Archer restriction to only one proficiency point for melee weapons mixed with the proficiency system overhaul means that they can only put more points in ranged weapons. Just pointing this out in case this is incorrect, since this means they don't have to worry about melee weapons at all when leveling up. Ditto for other classes with a similar restriction, such as Berserkers for ranged weapons.
  25. Precision feat of Archers slows (as in the Slow effect) your character but doesn't reduce attacks per round. The slow can be negated by Haste
  26. With Icewind Dale spell progression, Beast Masters, get duplicated animal summoning spells at spell levels 4-6 (not sure if this is a bug though)
  27. Kensais can take Deadly Aim feat despite not being able to use ranged weapons
  28. Kensais' True Kai triggers the death animation a couple of seconds before the death (maybe this is intended?)
  29. Improved Defensive Stance should be able to be taken 4 times, but only 1 is allowed
  30. Scorn Injury by berserkers doesn't seem to work. Should double HP by enrage, however, my level 40 Berserker got exactly 30 extra HP when casting it. (And the enrage power states that it provides 5 + level of character in extra HP)
  31. Enrage also doesn't seem like it applies immunities, but maybe only the portrait icons are missing.
  32. Not sure if I'm missing use cases, but Wizard Slayers get to 50% MR by level 31, which means Resist Magic feat is not useful from that point on. Spell immunity requires it though, so from my point of view I would take because... I have to. Just bringing this up in case it's an issue.

I'm going through all the classes and kits essentially. Just a few more to check out.

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This is all great, keep it coming. (When I actually have a chance to address it is another matter.) I’m slightly embarrassed that so many bugs slipped past my own QA, but given they’re there I want to know about them.

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Thanks, plenty more coming. It's a fairly ambitious and big project and just one person working on it, so I think it's pretty normal to find these problems. I am very grateful for your work!

Here's another batch of issues:

  1. Inner Time feat does not give Monks the expected 4 bonus to damage
  2. Finger of Destruction description seems to suggest strongly that it is for truly evil monks, but it is offered to neutral ones. Might be intended but I'm bringing it to your attention just in case...
  3. I'm not complaining... but the Soul of Ice feat that improves Frozen Fist and activates it permanently actually makes it deal 5 Cold damage and not 4 as advertised.
  4. I want to also note that creating a Favored Soul in ToB forces you to choose all the spells appropriate for your level in ToB, while creating a Shaman only requires you to pick the ones from level 1. I thought the disparity was strange.
  5. Elemental Immunity Feats descriptions state that they are all mutually exclusive, however you can pick more than one if you wish.
  6. Favored of the Spirits states that picking Spirit Form first is needed, but this is not the case, it's available outright
  7. Fury of the Pack wolves can Critically Miss their targets, and as such, the intended damage of the spell can be unexpectedly reduced. It would be possible to modify them so critical misses never happen. Since you added impossibly good rolls, I assume it was your intention all along to make them always hit.
  8. Paladin's version of Protection From Evil lacks the usual spell animation centered on your character that it usually had.
  9. Inquisitor's description in the Record Screen (after the character is created, not present in chargen) has an empty line before the last disadvantage.
  10. Inquisitors should not get empowered casting feats, as they cannot cast priest spells.
  11. True Sight by inquisitors have a casting speed of 1 (and no casting divination lights), but the description states the casting speed is 8. Additionally, the spell states twice that it protects against blindness.
  12. Undead Hunter description states that Smite Evil causes double damage to undead, but in actually it adds a second tick of damage (tested at max level) of around 11-22 damage. The normal damage of smite evil at this level is around 40-66, so it can't really be considered double.
  13. This is probably a nitpick, but the last line of Smite Undead lists types of creature it doesn't apply to, but wouldn't it be more natural to just say something like, "it only affects undead creatures" or "non undead creatures are unaffected". I'm not an expert in Forgotten Realms lore, so maybe I'm wrong.
  14. Smite Undead correctly has no effect on non-undead, although it does force them to make saves against the effects. It probably should be better that non undead are bypasses and a message such as "Unaffected by Smite Undead" be displayed, as that is usually the convention in my experience.
  15. Smite Undead disruption effect seems to be stopped by Magic Resistance, consequently it's very difficult to make it work for things like Skeleton Warriors. Should probably bypass it, undead have often lots of magic resistance.
  16. Smite Undead damage effect takes about 1 or 2 second to trigger after making the save. Not necessarily an issue, I imagine, but mentioning it anyway for reference.
  17. After casting Smite Undead on an immune NPC (in this case tested on a dwarf), the light effect from the spell is seen on that NPC every time the game is loaded and every time this NPC is hit in combat.
  18. Bloodrager description says the more British "specialisation", but the rest of the game doesn't seem to use this, so it probably should be "specialization". Sorry, nitpick.
  19. Bloodrager description has an empty line between the first and second disadvantage.
  20. Bloodrager has a line about being able to achieve mastery in any melee weapon, and also one for being able to become specialized. In my mod config, the latter should probably be removed (weapon proficiency overhaul).
  21. Death Field feat is an innate ability and not a normal spell as you would expect. Additionally, it has no icon.
  22. Dark Pact does not double the HP of undead allies. Works otherwise.
  23. Adamantite Body, Create Flesh Golem, Create Greater Boneguard, Aegis, Death Field, Dark Pact, Malavon's Fury and Rune of Immunity descriptions don't follow the tradition of leaving the magic school under the name, and leaving an empty line after it.
  24. Adamantite Body description has an unnecessary line break after "the use of" and before "weapons"
  25. The magic damage resulting from a successful save against Create Flesh Golem takes 1 or 2 seconds to kick in
  26. The golem created by Create Flesh Golem is hostile(!) to the party
  27. Adamantite Body claims that you wield your fists as if you were grandmaster, however that is not the case (no bonuses of any kind)
  28. Malavon's Fury says that it makes you shoot out acid darts all around you, but I can't see any darts. The spell makes the Wail of the Banshee sound, and then enemies a second or two later are damaged by acid damage (without visual effect, oddly enough).
  29. I might have mentioned this before, but Shapechange (the spell) has no icon (only in the spell selection, not the spellbook) (Fixed in Beta 4)
  30. Petrifying Gaze by Shapechange: Basilisk is not usable once per round, but only once
  31. The description of Shapechange: Iron Golem does not mention the poison cloud
  32. Shapeshift: Mindflayer crashes the game(!)

Some thoughts and suggestions after playtesting all these things:

  • I was kinda expecting Monks to get a feat that improved Quivering Palm. Perhaps making the save -2, or adding extra uses. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine with these once-per-day unupgradable abilities. For ToB I would absolutely consider picking a feat for it if my character concept fit it.
  • Another suggestion is giving monks more uses of Lay On Hands, as per the component that increases the uses for paladins, or perhaps add feats that increase those uses.
  • Shadowless Kick is a cool ability, although I would argue that the 1 round unconsciousness effect is severely undercut by the fact that most enemies will be pushed backwards and out of reach of any ally that attacks in melee range. Perhaps it needs an adjustment to be overall more effective.
  • Sun Soul Monks would also benefit from feats that add extra uses or improve their fire-based kit abilities (in my opinion they are underpowered, and should do more against undead creatures -- 3 or 6 more points of damage against undead is unremarkable).
  • Dark Moon Monks should probably get feats to add uses of Blindness, Blur, Vampiric Touch or Mirror Image.
  • Personally I don't like that Spirit Form for Shamans is available only once. Shadow Form (which is functionally identical) is a big part of the survivability of Shadowdancers and counters their downsides, because it makes them better at melee combat, makes a huge difference especially at high levels. I would suggest to remove this limitation, 30 seconds of half physical damage received is not that big of a deal I think at high level and for classes not specialized in melee combat. That's my take at least. (I'll definitely adapt my game to that)
  • Speaking about things that can be chosen only once: while I understand the reasoning behind making quest or level 10 spells castable once per day, I think we should take into account how underpowered some of these are. I think either being able to cast several, or making them more valuable is a good way of resolving it. For example, Etheral Retribution by Shamans is in my opinion very underpowered, despite being a Quest spell. I tested it on Mencar Pebblecrusher (he's my test subject for most things), and I did a grand total of 14 + 7 + 15 damage over three rounds, and his strength reduced by 4 (which was a bit lucky, since the save vs spell has no bonus). Maybe others think differently, but I would like to see at some point some compensating factors for these cases. (But stability and bug squashing are more important)
  • A feat to empower spirits beyond the basic class progression for Shamans would be nice. How about "Empowered Spirit Summoning"? Much like the other two that exist already that follow that trend. The spirits are unremarkable from beginning to end (although I get it's a balancing issue, since the shaman is an unending source of summons)
  • I found it rather odd that inquisitors only get two casts of detect invisibility in total. I thought that would be "backup" if your true sight uses are over, or to dispel invisibility just once without wasting true sight but maybe you have a different design in mind.

I love what you did with paladins by the way. Smite Evil is quite vicious with this mod, I love it. I always hated that paladins felt like just worse fighters that had to be buffed to be at the same level (blackguards were better, at least they had poison weapon).

Rune of immunity looks so cool too! I love that electricity effect your character has for a while at the beginning of the spell, as if your power electrifies your surroundings. Now that's top notch visual candy.

Anyway, I still have more stuff to check. More tomorrow (or whenever I can). Cheers.

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  1. Unfortunately I don't know how to replicate this, and I'm not entirely sure it isn't a random glitch unrelated to the mod but it seems that when you get to the Record screen in game, the lateral bars of buttons (and party characters) disappear from the screen, you have to quit from the Record Screen pressing Esc. I'm mentioning this just in case.
  2. Black Dragon Disciple breath weapon looks like a lightning bolt and does nothing [Possibly fixed, pending to check]
  3. Demon Binding is not added to your abilities when the feat is selected (once or twice)
  4. The game crashes with my Black Dragon Disciple when if I pick Abyssal Fury and I try to get to that spell in the spell selection menu. Additionally, that spell shows no icon (at least in EEKeeper)
  5. Arcane Knowledge: X do not start the second paragraph capitalized (at least when the pronoun is HER).
  6. I remember vanilla BG2 offered extra level 6-8 HLAs. I noticed you only offer 1-5. Is this an issue or is it deliberate?
  7. Spell Worm work great. Made Level 13 Neera forget her whole life and every spell memorized. However, it does not remove level 10 spells (and possibly neither Quest spells, haven't checked)
  8. Summoned Ultroloth, when it gets damaged, the following appears in the combat log: "Ultroloth: shadbg07"
  9. Absolute Immunity, Mantle, Improved Mantle, Implosion, Foresight, Power Word Blind, Reveal, don't use the convention of Name of Spell + Line Break + School of Magic + Empty line
  10. Acid Storm, Thorn Spray, Cacofiend, Summon Fiend, Gate, Mirrored Clones, Shadowcloak, Malavon's Fury, lack an empty line between Name + School of magic and the rest
  11. The very long line defining the school of magic of contingencies and triggers (I think also Limited Wish -- not Wish, since it just says "Any School") create some visual anomalies on some menus. I'll attach picture
  12. Mirrored Clones can use Quick Slot items (I believe you decided to disable that sort of thing)
  13. Create Boneguard should have an empty line before the description starts. Also, the last word has a typo "destoyed".
  14. Spellstrike has more than one empty line before the last paragraph.
  15. Veridon's Icy Ray has some possible text issues: "instant" -> "Instant", "60ft. line" -> "60 ft. line", "spc." -> "Special", "visual range..." -> "Visual range..."
  16. I think clerics don't ever get True Sight at spell level 6 (!). Its description reads: "-1 Finally, the spell also protects the caster from magical blindness for 1 turn after it is cast." I tried it with the Lorekeeper of Oghma, and since they get access to Divination, they should get it.
  17. Storm of Vengeance doesn't mention the school of magic
  18. My Red Dragon Disciple got 4 uses of Dragon Breath at max level. Getting Recurrent Dragon Breath feat turns those 4 uses into one use every 4 rounds (it wipes the spell from the selection after casting it once). Maybe I'm wrong but it looks to me like it was never meant to get to 4 uses? The description states once per day. [Fixed]


  • I was looking over all the spells to look for issues, and I think some future spell improvement could be made to Otiluke's Freezing Sphere do half damage on a save. Avoiding it completely is very good guarantee of never picking that spell, as novel as it might be. It does a lot of damage and it's pretty cool otherwise... when it works at all.



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  1. All the versions of Breath Weapon refer in the description to a "gout of flame" regardless of breath type or breath weapon upgrades. [Fixed]
  2. Arcane Sorcerers cannot be created because proficiencies are not selected when I create one in ToB (i.e. the button to add a point does nothing). On a second test, the screen for choosing proficiencies is completely empty! Nothing to see or do there. I think the former happens when I have selected another class before trying a sorcerer, and nothing appears on screen if the sorcerer is the first class I try after starting the game. [FIXED]
  3. The rest of Bloodline sorcerers cannot be leveled up once created (i.e. the button to level up doesn't work) [FIXED]
  4. Cleric/Mage, Fighter/Mage, Mage/Thief, Cleric/Illusionist, Fighter/Illusionist description has too many line breaks after the first paragraph
  5. Multiclasses with Illusionist contain the in description actually BaseClass/Mage (or Mage/BaseClass)
  6. Every Cleric/Ranger kit description contains an initial whitespace before it starts (first paragraph after the class name/type).

I think I didn't miss any single-class or single-class kit, so that's all I could find. Next I'll look at multiclasses and multiclass kits...

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Okay, some more stuff, mostly strings and some things noticed while playtesting SoA.

  1. The first two advantages in Raging Shifter start with a double hyphen
  2. Previously reported I think but in multiclass menus, getting out of a submenu (such as to pick a subtype of Fighter/Druid) take you back to the main class selection menu, and not the previous one.
  3. Druid/Thief is shown as Cleric/Thief in the summary part during chargen
  4. Scrying hunter description uses a different hyphen character in the last line and in the line about 15% bonus to Set Traps (this different type of hyphen issue, is found elsewhere in other classes, but I'll mention it only once)
  5. Every multiclass that uses Wild Mage has the Wild Mage description except Berserker/Wild Mage
  6. Every multiclass that uses Force Mage has the Force Mage description except Kensai/Force Mage
  7. All Fighter/Cleric kits start the first paragraph preceded with a whitespace except Raging Flame of Kossuth
  8. Knight of Iyachtu Xvim has a line that contains two periods at the end, and seems to be expecting a list of spells to mention but only mentions one: "May learn the following spells as priest spells: Horror (2nd level).."
  9. Nigh Wolf first three advantages start with a double hyphen
  10. Description of Druid/Mage states that you receive an extra weapon proficiency every 4 Cleric levels instead of Druid levels.
  11. Scoundrel of Tymora, Rake of Sune and Hunter of Malar start the first paragraph of the description with a whitespace
  12. Veil of Djalice of Sune priests applies the visual effect on enemies, even if they were not successfully dire charmed
  13. Animal Summoning III description from Fastpaws of Baervan has an empty line after the line about Level
  14. Cleric/Mages with an elven-specific kit such as Fastpaws of Baervan should not mention that elves are eligible, if the race restrictions were not loosened by the mod (and thus cleric/mages are not available to elves).
  15. Yoshimo did not get the expected +15 Set Trap bonus from his kit. (?)
  16. I'm pretty sure that if you dismiss Yoshimo while in Irenicus Dungeon he talks about going to the Copper Coronet. However, he just goes away without saying anything: "Where do you want to meet if we are to adventure again together?" -> "Perhaps at a major inn or tavern? Somewhere we are sure to go." Then he leaves. Correct me if I'm wrong... (?)
  17. When dual classing an NPC from level 0 that is dual classed later (tested with Nalia), when going into the proficiency screen, one of the buttons is "Create Party". Additionally, dual classing her (as intended by her original class) she loses the Mage avatar and all her spells except the ones picked during the dual class process. Maybe it's not the end of the world but inconvenient. I imagine that this in ToB would be much, much more troublesome. Additionally, she stopped leveling up as soon as the dual classing was complete, meaning she became a dual classed Mage/Thief of level 1/4 with 5000 XP (the rest levelled up to 8-9, like my charname)
  18. When dual classing Anomen, I was expecting to be able to pick a Helm Kit (since that seems his background), however only non-specific, Tyr and Lathander were available. Additionally, when dual classing him, he loses access to his Anomen-only shield (same problems with Nalia apply here)
  19. Use Scrolls and Use Wands should probably not be offered to multiclass Mage/Thieves, I think (although perhaps it can be justified to access Priest scrolls and wands)
  20. Slaver Wizard in the Suna Seni party is Near Death when ambush happens. Never seen this happen I think, so I'll report it just in case.
  21. The Priest of Helm that talks to you after listening to Gaal in the Temple District has "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" as response. Never seen this, so I assume your mod is causing this. I'm curious why your mod affects these dialogs though?
  22. Valygar only leveled up once from 0 after recruiting him. I'm unclear why.
  23. Mazzy's Invoke Courage doesn't improve her THAC0, I'm only mentioning this because I seem to recall that you modified something about her spells...
  24. Base THAC0 of Haer'Dalis was 19. Is that right? Additionally much like Valygar, he only leveled up once after level 0
  25. All the innates of Valiant Ones of Clangeddin have an empty line after the "Level" line
  26. Innate Prayer by Forgemaster of Moradin has an empty line after the "Level" line
  27. Spear of Gruumsh doesn't have a line for level (although maybe this is intended)
  28. All the innates of Bloodspear of Gruumsh have the usual issue of an empty line ather the "Level" line, except Spear of Gruumsh (that doesn't have that line)


  • Contagion could be tweaked to be more useful. Specifically the fact that it reduces charisma by 2 is not useful for the player, and useful for enemies perhaps limitedly, if using a mod like this which uses charisma for combat-related stuff. Perhaps "cause disease" for priests could be used as inspiration
  • Fastpaws of Baervan could improve their Animal Summoning spell at higher levels. It would get deprecated really fast, especially considering they only get one use and the animals are not that powerful.

Okay, I'm officially tired 😄

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