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A review of Wheels of prophecy - I wouldn't play it if I were you

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Nowadays, I think I've lost all my interest in Wheels of Prophecy after having played it for years. 

I'm not even sure what's the content that should be inside it, given that I'm pretty sure that I probably haven't seen it at all due to the bugs.

There are only two parts that I always cared about in Wheels of prophecy:
- having balthazar as ally
- saying Melissan to fuck off

Incidentally I can say that's also the only two parts of the mod I've ever experienced while playing it.

The other things I've experienced are other minimal things (such as having to click each of the heads in the starting area  - more annoying than fun; and having to go to the grove after having allied with Balthazar). I don't know if Wheels adds anything else. Truly. After having played it for many years.

I doubt that's the whole content of the mod, but given that I have never seen any other piece, I can safely say that I won't be reinstalling it anymore. The things it touch are good, but they are so minimal that in the grand scheme of things, having balthazar as ally or killed is a 5 minute enconter, and telling Amelyssan to fuck off is a one line of dialogue.

I have never seen anything else and when I knew maybe there were supposed to be army invading, it was also bugged.

Thanks for it, won't reinstall.

TL;DR: Wheels nowadays is interesting only for having balthazar as an ally and telling Amelyssan to fuck off; coincidentally both things have no impact in the story  and take you 5 minutes of time. No bueno

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My own advice for some while has been that WoP is not really working on EE (I think it's still basically fine on vanilla) and you shouldn't use it until I've had a chance to properly rework it (something that keeps being pushed back).

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5 hours ago, Morgoth said:

such as having to click each of the heads in the starting area

Whaaat? I always tought it was some sort of bug and the "click each of the heads" was working as intended fixed by some unfinished business/fixpack :D :D  :D!

I know it was added by WoP (not that I can compalin, clicking all the heads was what my brain intuitively would do and the vanilla behaviour sounds "wrong" in my mind).

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I'm okay with more clicking if it leads to more unreleased, tasty content. But obviously the excitement leads to boredom if you have to do it every time in order to proceed further at the start of the game.

What exactly is it not working in the mod?

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Nah, I like the clicking. It gives you time to actually ponder the separate parts of the prophecy rather than be overwhelmed by them.

In general, I've said it many times, but I adore the concept of WoP. No matter which path you end up taking, the mere knowledge that you can be your own fate's master and choose a different one adds so much to ToB. I'm surprised that the difference between vanilla and EE should be so fatal, as EE compatibility doesn't seem to be that much of a problem for other mods.

It's a real catch-22 these days. Many of the more interesting new mods aren't compatible with BGT anymore, yet some staples still aren't with EE... Really triggers my analysis paralysis and leads me to defer my next playthrough again and again like Buridan's Ass. :p

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Posted (edited)

For DavidW: I've played it also in the original BGT and had other kind of issues. Namely, the army not appearing. 

@Isewein Can you explain me what you mean by "the mere knowledge that you can be your own fate's master and choose a different one adds so much to ToB."? I think that if we talk about an impact, Imoen romance has a huger one in the ending than anything offered by Wheels of prophecy. 

Is it the army stuff that entices you when playing it? I've played this mod and apart from the two instances (three, I guess) I mentioned I haven't seen anything else worth mentioning.

What can you do in this mod that warrants "being the master of your own fate"?

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