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SPC: Sylvan Mystic

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I've noticed that the Sylvan Mystic kit of SPC can only uses bladed weapons and ranged weapons, including the two-handed sword. The maximum Strength allowed for a Sylvan Mystic is 13. A standard two-handed sword requires 14 Strength.


I just found it a little odd to be able to put two slots into two-handed sword while it can't be used without items or spells. Suggestions would include either raising the max. Strength to 14, removing two-handed sword from weapons, or changing nothing and telling me to live with it. :)



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First, I'll confess that I didn't realize this. :) However, from a theoretical standpoint I prefer that proficiencies be determined based on what fits the concept, even if they may not be possible under normal circumstances. Two-handed swords are bladed, ergo they should be available for Sylvan Mystics.


From a practical standpoint, you can't go five paces in Athkatla without acquiring some form of strength enhancement. (They're harder to find in Tutu, but you could also reach 14 strength on a permanent basis.)

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