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Faster Romance Subcomponent


Faster Romance Option - yes or no?  

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I was thinking to add a subcomponent that will have romances running at extra fast speed - currently it's 1 hour for all the romances - it tests out that this way the romance usually have a chance to 'fill' the game. It is going to remain the default speed. Would you like to have an option to set it to 30 minutes (or even 15)?

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Yes, it's pretty easy with the mighty SUBCOMPONENT option, which I am still in awe of :) That, obviously will not affect any special timers or dialogues tuned to a specific event - just the 'core' romantic sequence.

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They probably can be left without change: If I have 15 talks to run to commited, and there are 8 hours to get there (on 1800 timer), I will see approximately 14 NPC-initiated flirts, that constitutes between 70% to 47% of the early flirtpack (as we have 20 to 30 options in each). There will be no problem with the late flirtpack, as they will run continously. If desirable though, there is no problem to scale them to half-interval as well.

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Yes, I think that leaving it as it is is fine. While for Coran kissing and complimenting PC every five minutes seems natural, for Xan it will probably be too much. :)


Though it'll be probably less then 14 flirts for the earlier flirtpack in some cases, as the flirts may start only after a certain lovetalk, and there are also rest lovetalks, which cut the number on the whole.

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I think that 45 will be too close to an hour, to be honest, to notice the difference, and therefore be worthwhile. Cut in half, I think will be the first visible interval reduction. 15 might be ridiculous, but I will test it out tonight and see how bad it is for anything but speed testing. :)

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45 minutes is about my ideal rate, yes...


O! Is it possible, like with Experience pack, choose, whether it should be 15, 30 or 45 minutes? Like

press 0 - 1 hour (default)

1 - 15 minutes

2 - 30 minutes

3 - 45 minutes

- and if the player presses "install all components", it is automatically = 1 hour.


Sorry if I speak nonsense from a modder's perspective, just an idea I had. :)

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Yes, that's how I was going to do it, with SUBCOMPONENT, only I did not imagine that 4 different rates are needed. I hoped that two (normal and fast) are enough. So, *are* 4 different rates desired?

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*nods violently*


EDIT: After all, you only press the button once, during the install - but enjoy the consequences of having the convenient timer for dozens of hours afterwards. And this way, all groups will be satisfied.


*thinks of 1,5 hour option for more through players...*

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