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Faster Romance Subcomponent


Faster Romance Option - yes or no?  

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OK, don't tell me that I did not warn you. I 've run all the testing on 15 min timer. If you ever decided to use it, it is probably a bad idea to run all 3 male romances on it at once. They are all a talkative sort and pull you three ways without you having time to reajust from Xan's melancholy, to Coran's forwardness, to Ajantis seriousness. The effect is very awkward. In girl's department is much better, since you only have two running at the same time.

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4500 seconds. 3600 is not enough for me. Why this poll does not include a longer option? This is a clearly discrimination against tactical players ;_; xD


15 minutes is pure rashing playing. Are we talking about Starcraft or such? I can't imagine any fun with that, not even for testing porpouses.

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Everybody except me seems to get banters and romance conversations so fast. Banters take an age and a day to appear in my games, and when I used the 15 minute romance timers the romance conversations appeared every 40 minutes or so.


Do you have Jason Compton's banter accelerator script installed for banters?


Have you chosen 15-minute timer for each and every romance? (I would re-install these components, I don't think it will screw your game.)


Romance dialogues do not occur in dungeons, did you take it into account?


Finally, the first romance dialogue may take some time to appear in some cases. For Dynaheir, for example, the first romance talk appears only after 1.5 hours, no matter which timer you chose.

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