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Call for alpha testers and voice actors...


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The original alpha is pretty well tested but there's more in a second build I posted in the workroom before I went away - about half the quest. Not done voicing, banters etc yet though so don't expect too much! If you're still interested, let me know and I'll ask Cam to let you into the workroom.

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Yeah, I'll ask Cam to let you in (and the threads should be fairly self-explanatory). I'm pretty laissez-faire about this whole testing lark, anyway. So long as you tell me if it destroys your install, any level of feedback is welcome.

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Yes, actually - I've not had anyone get round to sending me any yet... (Though that's not really a problem because I've not had much time to mod recently.) If you register here and PM me we can let you into the workroom and you can find out the various roles. :p

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Andyr: I am also up for trying my hand at the voicing. Be mindful that my mic isn't of any truly wonderful quality, but I'll do what I can and send you what I come up with.

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Since this thread still appears to be relevant and I can't recall having applied for the voicing yet (which doesn't mean that I haven't; if you've already found me unsuitable, please tell me:)), I thought I might just as well give it a try. I don't know if I can sound like anything you're looking for, but since I'm currently recording stuff for Amber's music and have everything set up for it anyway, doing 50 lines of voice acting wouldn't be much of a chore. If you're interested, just throw me a few sample lines (or point them out from the list on page 1) and I'll see how they sound. I could also fiddle around with some effects for the shadow voice, if you're interested.

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If you take your pick of the ones listed in the first post, that'd be great. For Elai himself, self-confident and a little condescending. For the shadow, any effects to make it sound a little spooky, rasping, whatever. I have no fixed sound inside my head so if you play around with what you think is cool, that's good.

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