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Call for alpha testers and voice actors...


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Some of you may know that the reason this mod has taken ages (aside from lazyness) is that after moving it from the old FW to here, I got dissatisfied with the plot and started recoding from the ground up. After sitting abandoned for ages on my hard drive, I did a lot of stuff this week and now have a minimalist alpha version people can test. PM/reply here if you're interested...


I also have, currently, two voice roles to fulfil.


If anyone wants to have a go, send me a sample of a few lines and I'll let you know if they sound how I want them. wav, mp3 or ogg. :)


Ideally they would be performed by the same person but this is not essential.


The first is Elai's shadow. This should be a menacing, rolling male tone. Maybe use some special effects to make it sounds deep and follow. For this, I require the following three lines:


= ~At last, something aside from dull-witted peasants! Adventurer, I have a... proposal for you.~ [A#ELSH01]

= ~So, finally you decide to grace me with your presence. Do you have that which I desire?~ [A#ELSH02]

= ~If it is conversation you are after, I would prefer you consort with my *physical* form...~ [A#ELSH03]


The others (around 50 lines) are Elai himself. He is a young adult, brash and arrogant. He sometimes affects a slightly archaic manner of speaking, and is highly educated. He is normally calm and talks in a charming yet slightly patronising manner, but occassionally loses his temper.


For inspiration, think of a clever villain in a lot of films. Perhaps a younger Christopher Lee. Err, I can't think of any good examples offhand.


SAY INITIAL_MEETING ~Greetings, travellers...~ [A#ELAI00]

SAY MORALE ~This is *not* the sort of situation I should be in!~ [A#ELAI01]

SAY HAPPY ~You do make a reasonable set of companions after all.~ [A#ELAI02]

SAY UNHAPPY_ANNOYED ~This group would be better led if you followed *my* suggestions.~ [A#ELAI03]

SAY UNHAPPY_SERIOUS ~You do not deserve my company.~ [A#ELAI04]

SAY UNHAPPY_BREAKING ~Worthless swines! One day soon I will destroy you.~ [A#ELAI05]

SAY LEADER ~In charge again - as I should be.~ [A#ELAI06]

SAY TIRED ~We will stop now; I tire.~ [A#ELAI07]

SAY BORED ~Your lack of action shows you are unfit to lead.~ [A#ELAI08]

SAY BATTLE_CRY1 ~I will crush you!~ [A#ELAI09]

SAY BATTLE_CRY2 ~Feel my wrath!~ [A#ELAI10]

SAY BATTLE_CRY3 ~Time to perish!~ [A#ELAI11]

SAY BATTLE_CRY4 ~None can stand up to me!~ [A#ELAI12]

SAY DAMAGE ~~ [A#ELAI13] //A painful gasp

SAY DYING ~~ [A#ELAI14] //More pain

SAY HURT ~I could use a priest's attention...~ [A#ELAI15]

SAY AREA_FOREST ~When I am in power, I shall burn the forests and skin the creatures that live in them.~ [A#ELAI16]

SAY AREA_CITY ~A serviceable region, though the architecture is... substandard, compared to my home's.~ [A#ELAI17]

SAY AREA_DUNGEON ~I should not have to dirty myself in a place like this.~ [A#ELAI18]

SAY AREA_DAY ~One day I will blot out the sun.~ [A#ELAI19]

SAY AREA_NIGHT ~Ah, darkness again... At last!~ [A#ELAI20]

SAY SELECT_COMMON1 ~What is it now?~ [A#ELAI21]

SAY SELECT_COMMON2 ~Why are you bothering me?~ [A#ELAI22]

SAY SELECT_COMMON3 ~You have my attention.~ [A#ELAI23]



SAY SELECT_COMMON6 ~You said something?~ [A#ELAI26]

SAY SELECT_ACTION1 ~Very well.~ [A#ELAI27]

SAY SELECT_ACTION2 ~I'd rather not.~ [A#ELAI28]

SAY SELECT_ACTION3 ~I *suppose* I could do that...~ [A#ELAI29]

SAY SELECT_ACTION4 ~This is below me.~ [A#ELAI30]

SAY SELECT_ACTION5 ~I was about to suggest the same thing!~ [A#ELAI31]

SAY SELECT_ACTION6 ~A menial task.~ [A#ELAI32]

SAY SELECT_ACTION7 ~Such a waste of my skills.~ [A#ELAI33]

SAY SELECT_RARE1 ~You are barely worth my bother.~ [A#ELAI34]

SAY SELECT_RARE2 ~I don't know why I put up with this constant irritation!~ [A#ELAI35]

SAY CRITICAL_HIT ~A perfect blow!~ [A#ELAI36]

SAY CRITICAL_MISS ~Trickery...~ [A#ELAI37]

SAY TARGET_IMMUNE ~A change of tactics is in order.~ [A#ELAI38]

SAY INVENTORY_FULL ~Why should *I* carry that?~ [A#ELAI39]

SAY PICKED_POCKET ~I take what I want, when I want.~ [A#ELAI40]

SAY HIDDEN_IN_SHADOWS ~From the light, into the shade...~ [A#ELAI41]


SAY SET_A_TRAP ~I'd keep away from that.~ [A#ELAI43]

SAY ~I trust you find this shell more pleasing to the eye? Come, you must have questions...~ [A#ELAI44]

SAY ~Ah, my benefactor returns.~ [A#ELAI45]

SAY ~Are you *truly* saying you'd be better off without me? Stop this folly and let us be off.~ [A#ELAI46]

SAY ~We meet again. Have you returned to ask for my company, or merely to sample the wines?~ [A#ELAI47]

SAY ~I am glad you have returned; this locale is not to my liking, and I find it tiresome.~ [A#ELAI48]

SAY ~I sense this will be a profitable union for the two of us. Come, we shall talk more later.~ [A#ELAI49]

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