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Well, here we are with a good oldfashioned Q&A session. Our special guest is none other than the elder tiefling lass: Inara! She'll be here in a few minutes, so I'll explain the rules. Her lovely sister Keli cannot get into this room so feel free to ask whatever you like without worrying about Keli's opinion.


Inara will edit your posts with her response. Please state your name in bold beforehand for each question and Inara will reply to each one.



Grim: Do you like cats?


Inara: [insert reply]


Grim: Do you prefer to be on top?


Inara: [insert reply]


Inara's here, so the interrogation can begin...

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Grim: Do you like cats?


Inara: Cats? I like them as much as the next cutter, I suppose. Never had one, so I couldn’t really say. Life on the move doesn’t allow for pets, see. It’s hard enough dragging around my sister...


Grim: Do you prefer to be on top?


Inara: Always. Though if you’re the only leatherhead around here, it’s going to be rather lonely.

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Ok I'm game.


Harbinger: Do you like rabbits?


Inara: Why, are you selling any?


Harbinger: What are your turn ons?


Inara: At the moment? *Wink*

...Boots. Care to buy me some new ones?


Harbinger: Turn offs?


Inara: People grabbing my tail. Go on, berk... Try it. If you manage unscathed I’ll buy you a bub at the next tavern... >=)

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Meira: How would you describe your sister?


Inara: Keli...she's a good sort. Always trying to do what she thinks is right and very passionate about her beliefs, which can be bloody annoying. She could stand to loosen her collar, definetly...as she's rum fun when she's drunk, ha! She's loyal to the point of being foolhardy, and as dim as a Sigil alley about some things...but I trust her. And pity the sod who dares try and harm her if I've anything to do with it. Or date her. Hehehe...


Meira: Have you ever been in love?


Inara: There're so many kinds of love, cutter. I won't be categorizing my relationships just for the sake of knowing what to call them.

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Kalen (my PC): So, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?


Inara: ....A girl like me? And what exactly does *that* mean?


Kalen: Fat Ettin........................................... sorry, I just wanted to say something to break the ice!


Inara: "Can I buy you a drink" always worked for me.


Kalen: By the way, you have gorgeous lips...


Inara: Yes, got them off a silver-tongued tavern-lurker the other day who thought he might have a go at my...oh! You mean mine. Thanks, berk. Hehe...


Kalen: Is that a ladder in your tights or the stairway to heaven?


Inara: I'm not wearing tights...


Kalen: If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?


Inara: I do enjoy flattery, pet. *Wink* And no.


Kalen: I'm the love pirate and I'm here for your booty. Yargh!


Inara: Role-playing, are we?

I'm the Mercykiller of Sigil and I'm here to cut off the hands of all who thieve and plunder! Except mine, of course.

That was rather fun, actually... Now can I be the dashing rogue and you the hapless victim? Simple plan, really...I'll rob you blind and leave you naked in an alley somewhere and you'll...shiver, most likely. Ha! Just kidding...honest.

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Meira: Have you ever seen a play by Raelis Shai and her acting company?


Inara: I might have. The name isn't very familiar, though.


Meira: Do you enjoy theatre (or other entertainment such as tournaments or concerts) in general?


Inara: I enjoy a good show, yes. Keli and I actually traveled with a troupe once. Fun lot, bards. They know how to put on a party. And yes, I like to find what's unique in every place I visit. If a craft's done well, I'll seek it. Of course, I'm always on the lookout for an interesting time. Maybe I picked up a bit of the Sensate in my childhood.


Meira: Is there anything you would not do for your sister?


Inara: No. And that's why she better bloody well do what I say!

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Loké: I asked your sister this: What's your favorite food, and why?


Inara: Hm...I don't have a favorite type, exactly, but I do have a soft spot for spicy foods in general. It used to be a game back home to see who could stomach the spiciest dish. That probably explains why I give off heat sometimes, hehe...

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Kalen: What do you wear in bed? Providing you don't have 'guests'...


Inara: Given that provision, I'll have to abstain from answering. Just kidding. I'm on the road all the time, so what do you think? Whatever doesn't smell like a balor's underarm and isn't host to any small creatures. Normally not much.

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Aklon: You seem to be a traveller, for whatever reasons. Do you travel merely for the sake of it or do you have some sort of overall goal?


Inara: A little of both. I'll admit I find pleasure in small things, but my grander schemes are my own to keep. I'm not opposed to hearing of your own travels, however...


Aklon: And a following question. Your speech marks you as one who hails from Sigil. Have the majority of your travels been in the planes? My own experiences there are extremely limited and I would be interested to hear anything you wish to impart.


Inara: You know of the Cage, then? Aye, I lived there, but not past a decade. It's an interesting place, very diverse...axis of the multiverse, some say. I've a good many stories about that place. Sit awhile with me, cutter, and we'll share a few chants...


BigRob: Name the worst pub you've ever been to.


Inara: The worst one, eh? I've been to some bad pubs in my time, and normally end up drinking enough so they don't seem so, but the worst one would have to be this little spot in the middle of nowhere. I'd been traveling a while and was looking to have a drink and pass out on a bed. The place was deserted, just a little room with a few cots spread around, but I managed to crack open a door in the back and find a shelf full of some odd liquor.


Next thing I remember, I wake up on the floor, empty bottles all around, and find this Silverstar staring me down, with a few muttering behind him. Keli was by the doorway, looking like she was ready to run a red one on me while wishing someone could make her melt away into the wall. Oh...did I mention this was a hostel at Keli's temple? Not really a pub, mind... Actually, I don't even think that was liquor...it did taste funny. I felt rotten for nearly a month after. But it makes a grand memory, hehehe...

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Kalen: Have you ever considered growing your hair longer? Or have you let it grow in the past?


Inara: My hair was long all through my childhood. Eleni liked to braid it. I cut it when we came to the prime. For adventuring, I find it's easier short enough to pull back, but not too long to flop around and get in the way.

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Sav: Can you tell us what Keli got up to when she got really drunk (the time when you said a certain drink was liquid candy). She says she woke up on the floor in nothing but a blanket and couldn't remember anything after drink #4. Did you just do it to humiliate her?


Inara: Ha! Oh yes, that... She'd had a rough week and was complaining more than usual, so I was looking to shut her up and show her a good time. I knew she would take to that drink. A bit sweet for me, but she likes that kind.


Keli had more than four...about six and a half, in the end. By then she was running around the common room with a half-orc's boot on her head and a bottle in one hand, shouting some nonsense about being the chosen of Selune, and how everyone ought to bow down before her superior might and give her chocolates. Then she started giggling at the rangers by the hearth...she always did have a thing for rangers...but being drunk, she didn't come across as very subtle. Probably when she sat in the one elf's lap and tried to show him her mace was when I thought she should head to bed.


As for the naked part, she started complaining about the heat and was stripping clothes even as I pulled her to our room. I tossed her down and threw a blanket on her, then locked the door. But it all worked like a charm. The next day she hardly spoke a word. She did ask about the ranger, though. Poor thing...she liked that elf, even before the bub. I've never seen such a color on a cutter as when I told her she'd got sick on him...


It's been hard to get her to drink since then.

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