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Loke: What annoys you the most? (apart from your sister :D )


Inara: I'm not easily annoyed... But there are some things I do not care for. Unwarranted hostility, perhaps a universal annoyance. Infatuation, as I've had some lovers make a nuisance for me in the past. And I'm not particularly fond of being underground. There are surely other things.

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*wonders if she missed the point or not*


Inara: Inara laughs. It is not I who has missed the point, pet. You're not being exceptionally subtle. Perhaps if I were drunk I would find your form of advances charming.


As much as I can enjoy my ale, it doesn't appeal to me very much in this particular situation. 


Rastor: Why not?


Inara: My drink is for enjoyment. I've never needed to trade favors for it. I can pretend I will, if you like.



[ooc: Sorry, Rastor! She's rather snippy sometimes. :cry: ]

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Neminus: Inara, do you often have problems with simpletons who try to get into your pants while using lousy pickup lines ? Or none at all ?


Hmm... Actually, I think the answer is obvious...


Inara: Ha! You'd be hard pressed to find a woman who hangs out in taverns much as I who doesn't. Inara shrugs.

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Rastor: Does this mean that I have a chance?


Inara: Inara's nose wrinkles in annoyance, though her lips twitch in an amused smirk. You are incorrigible. I have a sister who might appreciate such persistence.


She pauses to consider something. If you like, I could help you get on her good side... She's the romantic type, for instance. Something like serenades are a fair bet with her. At night, in the morning...dinnertime...mass. And she may act shy, but she loves a man who's not afraid to be bold. Try grabbing her bum sometime. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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Lily Livered Lurking Lurker of Lurkdom: So Inara, aside from the great tentacle beasts that will arise to devour us all when the stars are in alignment, is there anything you are truly afraid of.


Inara: Inara blinks, her eyes lighting for a moment. Tentacle... You're not from the Cage, are you? She smiles and shakes her head.


Afraid of? What do you take me for? I spent my childhood playing hide and seek with creatures the people around here would faint dead away to even see. There is a playful tone to her boast. I fear very little, cutter...but...I will admit that I'm not very fond of dark places.

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Opalescence: Aww, lil Inara's afraid of the dar... *ducks a dagger thrown his way* Hey! M'favorite jacket!


Before you decide to chuck more pointy sharp things at me, I'll go. But before I do, one question: why aren't you more cheerful? Your sister seems a lot... happier. Did something really bad happen to you are do you just feel you're supposed to be the mature one or something?


Inara: Cheerful? Rubbish, I'm perfectly cheer...well, perhaps that's not the right word. Too much like giddy... or something similiarly annoying. But no, I enjoy a good time as any other.


As for bad experiences, we all have our pasts, do we not? And I act as I think best for each situation. But...you would say I am mature? (Inara smiles widely as though amused.) Keli would love to hear that.

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Urborg Vengrath: In general, do you enjoy dancing?


Inara: Yes, quite. I find it can be a most exhilirating pasttime, if you have an able partner. And none of this drunken stomping about nonsense, though I am guilty of enjoying that every once and again. But skilled dancing to good music... (Inara smiles as though envisioning such a moment.)

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